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The Superstructure portion of the UML 2.0 specification is 632 pages long! This book is a distillation of the contents of the UML Superstructure document and captures the essential information for you. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a set of tools and techniques for capturing the analysis and design of the software development process.

Through the use of standard diagrams for such concepts as use cases, interactions, and collaborations, among many others, Fast Track UML 2.0 explores the modeling techniques and the changes since the UML 1.3 standard. Kendall Scott presents a new look at the contents of the UML Superstructure document without overloading you with details.

About the Author

Kendall Scott is known in the IT community as the author, coauthor, and supporting author of five UML books, including UML Explained and the acclaimed UML Distilled . He partially makes his living as a UML trainer and mentor of technical and nontechnical students in a variety of industries. His previous experience includes 16 years as a technical writer, with a historical emphasis on turning complicated (and often voluminous) material into easy-to-use manuals and assorted documents for a wide range of readers. Scott is a ACM/IEEE member. He is also the author of The Unified Process Explained, Applying Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML, UML Explained, Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML , and UML Distilled, Second Edition .

Fast Track UML 2.0


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I'd like to acknowledge the following people for having the patience to put up with the various eccentricities of this semistarving author: John Edwards, for doing such a fine job of copyediting; Doug Holland, for providing a fair and balanced technical review; Kylie Johnston, who continued to manage the project despite some contentious commentary from yours truly; and John Zukowski, for signing me to the deal in the first place and also for assorted helpful semitechnical commentary . I'd also like to thank the various and sundry Apress staff who contributed to the effort to get this to press. Finally, I must acknowledge my current muse, Jennifer Garner; it may appear at first glance that Ms. Garner doesn't offer any particularly muse-like qualities, but anyone who has seen Sydney Bristow in action knows what I'm talking about, I trust.

Kendall Scott
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March 2004
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