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real process improvement using the cmmi
Real Process Improvement Using the CMMI
by Michael West   ISBN:0849321093
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This book offers non-academic, real-world approaches to implementing CMMI-based process improvement in an organization. The author identifies critical concepts of CMMI, and details how to turn them into real process improvement.

Table of Contents
Real Process Improvement Using the CMMI
Chapter 1 - News Flash! There is a Level 1!
Chapter 2 - The Role of Roles
Chapter 3 - Managing the Process Improvement Project
Chapter 4 - Process Improvement Strategies that Work
Chapter 5 - Five Critical Factors in Successful Process Definition
Chapter 6 - Acquiring Process Expertise and Tools
Chapter 7 - Effective Change Leadership for Process Improvement
Chapter 8 - Process Improvement Myths and Methodologies
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Real Process Improvement Using the CMMI provides real-world concepts and techniques for CMMI-based process improvement that are as effective as they are innovative. Professionals at all levels ”from systems engineers to CEOs ”will find a wealth of practical guidance and new ways to look at model-based process improvement, resulting in benefits for large and small organizations in many environments. Using plain language and enlightening illustrations, the author identifies the most critical concepts of the CMMI, and details how to turn these concepts into real process improvement.

About the Author

Michael West s career in software and information technology spans 20 years . He has worked in a wide variety of technical and managerial positions , and is SEI-trained in both the Software CMM and the CMMI. Mr. West worked in the field of CMM/CMMI-based software process improvement as an employee of Xerox Corporation and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). In 2001, Mr. West and a colleague formed Natural SPI, a consulting firm that provides expert process improvement consulting services. He has enabled multiple software and systems organizations to achieve coveted CMM maturity level ratings.

Real Process Improvement Using the CMMI

Michael West

Foreword by Barry Boehm


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This book is dedicated to my wife Jitka who for so many years has patiently taught me and encouraged me to believe in myself. It is also dedicated to my friend and business partner Donna Voight who has inspired me to continuously look inside myself and find improvement. I am grateful to Gene Miluk at the SEI for being my coach and mentor in organizational change. I thank all of Natural SPI s clients for the most precious learning opportunities, many of which have gone into this book. Finally, I offer a special thank you to Barry Boehm, one of my heroes, for his review of the manuscript and for providing a fitting Foreword and to Tom Waters who developed the book s illustrations and thus gave it the professional look it deserved.