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acrobat 6 and pdf solutions
Acrobat 6 and PDF Solutions
by Taz Tally   ISBN:0782142737
Sybex © 2004 (432 pages)

This unique book offers solutions for all kinds of Acrobat users as it covers topics from implementing an effective PDF workflow to getting files ready for print to creating catalogs, interactive forms, ebooks, multimedia presentations, and web pages.

Table of Contents
Acrobat 6 and PDF Solutions
Part I - Creating Proper PDF Files
Chapter 1 - Acrobat Parts and Workflow
Chapter 2 - Creating Pre-PDF Documents
Chapter 3 - Creating Quality PostScript Files
Chapter 4 - Creating the PDF You Want
Part II - Fundamentals of Acrobat
Chapter 5 - Controlling Acrobat and Access to Your PDFs
Chapter 6 - Using Acrobat and Navigating PDFs
Chapter 7 - PDF Document Management
Chapter 8 - Building Presentations and Forms
Chapter 9 - Collaborative Publishing and Interactivity
Chapter 10 - Acrobat E-mail, eBook, and Web Features
Part III - Advanced Acrobat
Chapter 11 - Preflighting PDFs
Chapter 12 - Editing PDFs
Chapter 13 - Outputting PDFs and Their Contents
Chapter 14 - Automating Acrobat Tasks
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With Acrobat 6, Adobe has delivered a vastly improved product that streamlines and fortifies document exchange using PDF. Rich with sophisticated new features and an enhanced interface, Acrobat 6 gives business, creative, engineering, and now prepress professionals greater control over high-quality document exchange and review.

Acrobat 6 and PDF Solutions offers expert instruction on putting this complex tool to good use. With his characteristic enthusiasm , acclaimed instructor and author Taz Tally introduces you to key features and techniques, then leads you through real-world tutorials that reinforce the material. In addition to a complete tour of Acrobat 6, you get an in-depth guide to creating PDF documents and working with Distiller and other PDF creation workflows. Productivity tips and automations throughout help you work faster and more accurately.

Inside, you ll discover the ins and outs of Acrobat Standard and Professional versions, including how to: Implement an effective PDF workflow Create catalogs, e-books, multimedia presentations, and web pages from your documents Build PDF order forms with specially formatted data-entry fields Set up collaborative review of documents Control access to and use of your PDFs Edit text and graphics in PDF files Use PDFs and Acrobat with Photoshop Control import and export of PDF contents Run preflight and on-screen proofing on PDFs And more!

About the Author

Dr. Taz Tally is the founder of Taz Tally Seminars , a consulting and training company that specializes in electronic publishing. Taz is the author of Avoiding The Scanning Blues, a comprehensive guide to desktop scanning, which was chosen as a featured selection of the DoubleDay book club, as well as Electronic Publishing: Avoiding The Output Blues , a textbook on electronic publishing fundamentals and PostScript file preparation. He is also a frequent contributor to Photoshop User magazine, for which he writes a regular prepress column.

Taz has produced numerous instructional videos and CDs on scanning, prepress, Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, font management, and keyboard shortcuts, and was the co-developer and instructor for the video training series DeskTop to Print. Taz has invented and produces a 10-step scanner and digital camera calibration target and kit. Taz is a frequent presenter at seminars and trade shows throughout the U.S., including GraphExpo, and appears as a member of the Photoshop Dream Team at the biannual Photoshop World conventions.

Taz is perhaps best known for his entertaining, content-rich seminars and his ability to present complex materials in a simple, easy-to-understand fashion. Taz is currently writing books on Digital Photography, Photoshop, and OSX, and is developing an on-line training print curriculum for