Conventions You ll See

Conventions You ll See

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Part I: Getting Started with Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003

Chapter List

Chapter 1: Introducing Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
Chapter 2: Touring the Interface
Chapter 3: Maximizing Template and Wizard Options

Whether youre aprogrammer or a proprietor, you can use Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 to make the Web work harder for you, and getting started with FrontPage is what this part of the book is all about. In Chapter 1, Introducing Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003, you'll learn about new features that make it easy to design and publish Web pages using FrontPage 2003. You'll explore the various ways you can work with pages and learn about design tools, coding tools, and other FrontPage extras. Chapter 2, Touring the Interface, discusses FrontPage 2003s redesigned interface. You'll learn how to create collections of pages called sites, how to work with folders, and how to create pages.

The final chapter in this part, Chapter 3, Maximizing Template and Wizard Options, provides an essential overview of FrontPage features that can help you quickly create pages and sites. This chapter discusses page templates you should know about, provides tips for creating online discussion sites, and much more. So what are you waiting for? Lets dive in and learn FrontPage 2003 faster and smarter .

Chapter 1: Introducing Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003


10-Second Summary

  • Explore FrontPage 2003

  • Learn about page and web site views

  • Learn about design and coding tools

  • Learn about Web components , page templates and wizards

  • Learn about advanced authoring options

FrontPage 2003 is the culmination of a decade of work toward building the best Web site creation and management tool. From previous versions, it inherits a rich foundation of reliable, proven features and support for all standard file formats and protocols. This allows you to design Web pages that take advantage of tables, frames , cascading style sheets, and use many other Internet technologies. For good measure, FrontPage 2003 adds extensive interface enhancements and new capabilities that programmers and designers have been asking for.

When you start working with FrontPage 2003, you ll notice many of the interface enhancements immediately. These changes are hard to miss if you ve worked with previous versions of FrontPage “ and even if you haven t worked with FrontPage before, it s hard not to see that there is something truly different and unique here.

In this chapter, you ll learn about FrontPage 2003 s key features. You'll learn about the various ways you can work with pages and Web sites, and the design and coding tools that are available. The chapter also introduces powerful features that help you do more, and do more quickly, with FrontPage 2003, including page wizards, page templates, Web components and product extensions.