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the cto handbook: chief technology officer/chief information officer manual
The CTO Handbook: Chief Technology Officer/Chief Information Officer Manual
byMark Minevich ISBN:1587623676
Aspatore Books 2004 (640 pages)

This is a complete and thorough reference guide for CTOs and CIOs; it reviews all the current events and thought technology necessary to become a CTO or CIO, as well as priorities, relationship management, and more.

Table of Contents
CTO Best Practices Handbook—Chief Technology Officer/Chief Information Officer Manual
Chapter 1- Introduction
Chapter 2- Change and Transformation
Chapter 3- CTO Priorities
Chapter 4- Emerging Technology Direction and Vision
Chapter 5- Strategic and Influential Relationships: Empowering a CTO - A Complex Ecosystem
Chapter 6- CTO Strategic Roles and Responsibilities
Chapter 7- CTO/CIO Reference
Chapter 8- Conclusion
Chapter 9- Opportunities for Large and Small Software Companies for Today and Tomorrow
Chapter 10- Software Savvy: Taking and Keeping Your Place in the Software Market
Chapter 11- Basics of the Business
Chapter 12- Closing the Gap between What Technology Can do and What People Want it to Do
Chapter 13- Creating and Enriching Business Value
Chapter 14- Bridging Business and Technology: Keeping Things as Simple as Possible
Chapter 15- The Art of Being a CTO - Fostering Change
Chapter 16- Keep Your Blade Sharp
Chapter 17- Intelligent Enterprises Everywhere
Chapter 18- The Changing Face of Technology
Chapter 19- Major Dilemmas Facing Privacy Practitioners
Chapter 20- Managing Privacy
Chapter 21- The Myth of Privacy
Chapter 22- Starting From Scratch
Chapter 23- Relationship Management
Chapter 24- Finding the Right Fit
Chapter 25- How to Make Every Customer a Repeat Customer
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Technology companies are involved in thousands of acquisitions every year. Selecting the best target for an acquisition often requires reliable advice on technical issues at the executive level. The CTO is also a valuable tool in addressing the increasingly well-informed media about the products, services, and the future plans of the company. CTOs can speak as peers to other technologists and can play a role in convincing the media that the company's decisions are sound and will add value for the company's stakeholders.

The book will review all of the current events, and thought leadership to become a CTO or a CIO. This book also acts as a complete reference guide. It is important to note that the CTO and CIO terms will be used interchangeably throughout the book due to increasingly integrated focus.

CTO Best Practices Handbook—Chief Technology Officer/Chief Information Officer Manual

Mark Minevich

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Acknowledgement and Contribution

My Dear Wife - Susanna

Assistance from

Distribution and Participation at the Infoworld CTO 2003 Conference

  • Loretta Prencipe for distribution and participation at the Infoworld CTO Conference

Extensive IBM interviews

  • Jack Santoni, IBM Managing Principal for providing an interview

  • Jim Sphorer, Director, Advanced Research Lab, IBM Almaden

  • David Boloker, IBM CTO, Software Group

Extensive interview with Technology Leadership

  • Steven Forte, CTO, Corzen and Microsoft Regional Director for providing an interview

  • Stuart Robbins, Executive Director of CIO Collective for providing an interview

  • George Wing, Regional Director, Tatum Partners for providing an interview

  • Mario Cardullo, Special Counselor , International Trade, US Department of Commerce, and a dear friend of a CTO community for providing an interview

  • William Sanford, Columbia Strategy LLC

Mike Toma, founder of TLC CTO Forum for recommending to author this book

Members of the Technology Leadership Committee and Speakers

  • Jim Wolowicz, Planning Committee, TLC

  • Vadim Pevzner, Planning Committee, TLC

  • Eugene Goland, President of DataArt Enterprises, and Planning Committee, TLC

  • Stefan Inzelstein, President of Indigo Associates, and Planning Committee, TLC

  • Derek Stephens, IBM Program Director, and Planning Committee, TLC

  • Rustam Lalkaka, World Recognized Incubation and Innovation Expert


To my Dear wife, Susanna , and to my Dear Parents

This book is also dedicated in part to the memory of my dear friend and mentor,

The "Late" Sam Albert

Biography of Sam Albert

Sam Albert lived a remarkable life. Sam was an IBM Corporate executive when he retired from IBM after a 30 year career. Sam then started Sam Albert Associates, an independent management consulting firm, specializing in developing corporate strategic relationships and formulating marketing strategies and marketing programs for firms in the information technology industry. Sam was well recognized as the voice of CompuTips, a series of quick tips for computer users on 1010 WINS in NYC.

We miss you Sam!