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six sigma tool navigator: the master guide for teams
Six Sigma Tool Navigator: The Master Guide for Teams
byWalter J. Michalski ISBN:1563272954
Productivity Press 2003 (640 pages)

This handbook contains tools for use by teams engaged in Six Sigma activities, and includes a complete collection of the latest improvement techniques and Six Sigma tool strings.

Table of Contents
Six Sigma Tool Navigator—The Master Guide for Teams
Part I - Six Sigma Tool-Strings
Six Sigma Basics—Techniques and Considerations
Six Sigma Tools—Tools-Strings Examples
222 Tools in Flowchart Cross-Reference
65 Tools-String Flowchart Examples
Part II - Tool Navigator
Tools—Numbers – B
Appendix A - Statistical Tables
Appendix B - Table B
Appendix C - Table C
Appendix D - Table D
Appendix E - Table E
Abbreviated Bibliography
Cross Reference Index
Process Category index
Six Sigma DFSS and PFSS Tools Listing
List of Tables
List of Sidebars

Six Sigma Tool Navigator is the only lean resource that provides a complete compendium of tools for teams engaged in Six Sigma improvement activities. In addition, it offers actual tools, definitions and techniques you need to move your organization closer to producing minimal defects.

Six Sigma Tool Navigator includes a complete collection of the latest improvement techniques and Six Sigma tool strings. The tool strings allow Six Sigma teams to combine Six Sigma tools to accomplish a particular outcome.

Highlights Include:

  • Over 70 tool string flowcharts
  • More than 100 illustrated tools including tables, matrices, flowcharts, networks, and diagrams
  • A Six Sigma tools cross reference section
  • Comprehensive statistical tables
  • 222 tools for improvement activities

Six Sigma Tool Navigator goes beyond mere definitions—it acts as a true navigator, classifying each tool by process application, description of various applications of the tool, possible links to “before and after” tools, and problem-solving phases most applicable for the tool. And all of this information and guidance is provided in an easy-to-use format.

Six Sigma Tool Navigator will enhance your team facilitation skills and assist you at every step in your diverse problem-solving and process-improvement efforts.

About the Author

Dr. Walter J. Michalski is president of Alpha Research Group, Fountain Valley, California, a consulting firm that assists organizations in their Six Sigma quality and change initiatives. His work experience reflects 30 years in quality assurance, test/process engineering, and process improvement training. He was trained and certified as a Six Sigma instructor by Motorola in 1995. Since then he has conducted approximately 100 various workshops on Six Sigma processes and tools. He has designed many problem-solving workshops and facilitated teams on Six Sigma quality, process reengineering, continuous improvement, measurements, organizational change, and critical-thinking techniques.

Dr. Michalski holds an Ed.D. in Institutional Management from Pepperdine University, GSEP, Los Angeles, California. His doctoral dissertation examined the effectiveness of nontraditional college degree programs. As an adjunct professor, he continues to teach at graduate and undergraduate levels in subjects such as research methods, statistics, TQM/TQS, management, and organizational behavior. He also serves as project advisor for students’ research projects, practicums, and theses.