Blogging in a Snap

book cover
Blogging in a Snap
By Julie C. Meloni
Publisher: Sams
Pub Date: November 22, 2005
ISBN: 0-672-32843-7
Pages: 288

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The World Wide Web is a big place, and it is hard to find your way through it, much less make an impact on it. Blogs have revolutionized the idea of each person having a voice on the web and Sams Teach Yourself Blogging In a Snap is your guide to making your mark on the Internet world. This comprehensive guide to blogging focuses on using Blogger, the blogging tool hosted by Google. Blogger is a user-friendly blogging tool, but documentation on how to maximize your blogging experience using it is limited. This book bridges that gap, and provides you with everything you need to know to create and maintain your blog, from setting up a Blogger account to creative blogging tricks and techniques to blogging etiquette. You'll learn how to customize your blog, comment on other people's blogs, and share photos through your blog. Even if you already know what blogging is and are just looking for a few tips on how to make your blog bigger and better, the book's modular, task-based format will allow you to jump in anywhere and be on your way. Join the blogging craze with the help of Sams Teach Yourself Blogging In a Snap.

book cover
Blogging in a Snap
By Julie C. Meloni
Publisher: Sams
Pub Date: November 22, 2005
ISBN: 0-672-32843-7
Pages: 288

Table of Contents  | Index

      Blogging in The Stone Age
   About the Author
   We Want to Hear from You!
   Reader Services
   Part I.  Getting Started with Blogging
      Chapter 1.  Start Here
      What's a Blog?
      Understanding the Anatomy of a Blog
      Traversing the Blogosphere
      Utilizing Basic Blogging Etiquette
      Using Available Blogger Resources
      Chapter 2.  Getting Started with Blogger
      Section 1.  Creating Your Blogger Account
      Section 2.  Naming Your Blog
      Section 3.  Using Blogger with Third-Party Hosting
      Section 4.  Logging In to Blogger and Navigating the Dashboard
      Section 5.  Selecting a New Template
      Section 6.  Configuring Basic Blogger Settings
      Section 7.  Using Blogger's Publishing Settings
      Section 8.  Working with Blogger's Formatting Settings
      Section 9.  Configuring Blogger's Comments Settings
      Section 10.  Setting Up Blogger Archives
      Section 11.  Enabling and Publishing Site Feeds
      Section 12.  Configuring Blogger's Email Settings
      Section 13.  Setting Up Groups and Members in Blogger
      Section 14.  Modifying Your Blogger Profile
      Chapter 3.  All About Posting
      Section 15.  Creating a Post Using the Blogger Editor in Compose Mode
      Section 16.  Creating a Post Using the Blogger Editor in Manual Mode
      Section 17.  Using Keyboard Shortcuts in the Blogger Editor
      Section 18.  Using the Recover Post Feature
      Section 19.  Understanding the Blogger Publishing Process
      Section 20.  Editing Existing Posts
      Section 21.  Creating Expandable Blog Posts
   Part II.  Fun with Blog Layouts
      Chapter 4.  Using Basic HTML and Working with Images
      Section 22.  Using Paragraphs, Blockquotes, and List Markup in Your Posts
      Section 23.  Creating Hyperlinks in Your Posts
      Section 24.  Creating Tables in Your Posts
      Section 25.  Inserting Images into Your Posts Using Blogger
      Section 26.  Inserting Images into Your Posts Using Flickr
      Section 27.  Inserting Images into Your Posts Using PhotoBucket
      Section 28.  Other Methods for Inserting Images Into Posts
      Chapter 5.  Working with Blogger Templates
      Section 29.  Understanding the Blogger Template Structure and Editor
      Section 30.  Identifying Elements in the Blogger Template Source
      Section 31.  Defining and Implementing Custom Styles
      Section 32.  Understanding the Blogger Template Language
      Section 33.  Implementing a Third-Party Template in Blogger
   Part III.  Extending Your Blog
      Chapter 6.  Commenting and Trackback
      Section 34.  Using Blogger's Commenting System
      Section 35.  Implementing Blogger's Show/Hide Comments
      Section 36.  Display Recent Comments Links on Your Blog
      Section 37.  Moderating Comments with Blogger
      Section 38.  Implementing the Haloscan Commenting and Trackback System
      Section 39.  Using the Haloscan Commenting System
      Section 40.  Using the Haloscan Trackback System
      Section 41.  Moderating Haloscan Comments and Trackback
      Chapter 7.  Additional Blogging Tools
      Section 42.  Using Blogrolls
      Section 43.  Implementing Affiliation Links, Personal Lists, or Ads
      Section 44.  Creating a Moblog
      Section 45.  Creating an Audioblog
      Section 46.  Using the Blogger NavBar
      Section 47.  Using BlogThis! Add-Ons
      Section 48.  Using Blogger for Word
      Chapter 8.  RSS, Indices, and Folksonomies
      Section 49.  Providing an External RSS Feed
      Section 50.  Using an RSS Aggregator
      Section 51.  Using Indexing Mechanisms to Your Advantage
      Section 52.  Creating and Sharing Your Bookmarks
      Section 53.  Embracing Folksonomy
   Part IV.  Appendixes
      Appendix A.  HTML Fundamentals
      Plain Text Documents and HTML Tags
      Understanding the Overall HTML Document Structure
      HTML Structural Elements Within the BODY Element
      Basic Physical Markup
      Creating Tables with HTML
      Using HTML Entities
      Putting It Together
      Appendix B.  CSS Fundamentals
      Basic Format of Style Sheet Entries
      Value Syntax
      Text Properties
      List Properties
      Pseudo-Class Properties
      Box Properties
      Floating and Clearing
      The <div> and <span> Tags
      Putting It Together
   Key Terms