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photoshop cs for dummies
Photoshop CS For Dummies
by Deke McClelland and Phyllis Davis  ISBN:0764543563
John Wiley & Sons © 2004

Armed with the knowledge of this guide, you can learn Photoshop, work with digital images, understand PICT and EPS files, match clolors, use filters, and produce Web graphics with ease.

Table of Contents
Photoshop CS For Dummies
Part I - Getting the Basics Down
Chapter 1 - Introducing the Two Faces of Photoshop
Chapter 2 - Getting to Know the Interface
Chapter 3 - Using Photoshop for the First Time
Part II - The Care and Feeding of Pixels
Chapter 4 - Sizing and Resizing Images
Chapter 5 - Introducing Color
Chapter 6 - Going to Hard Copy
Part III - Selections and Layers
Chapter 7 - Making Selections
Chapter 8 - Working with Layers
Part IV - Basic Editing
Chapter 9 - Adjusting Color and Tone
Chapter 10 - Creating Composite Images
Chapter 11 - Using Filters
Part V - Using Your Virtual Paintbrush
Chapter 12 - Painting 101
Chapter 13 - Coloring Inside the Lines
Chapter 14 - Changing History and Erasing Pixels
Part VI - Heavy-Duty Photoshop
Chapter 15 - Using Masks and Channels
Chapter 16 - Using Paths and Shapes
Chapter 17 - Adding and Manipulating Type
Part VIIL - Photoshop for Webbies
Chapter 18 - Spinning Graphics for the Web
Chapter 19 - Slicing and Dicing Images
Part VIII - The Part of Tens
Chapter 20 - Ten (Or So) Filters You Can Use to Create Fast Effects
Chapter 21 - Ten Things to Do with Your Photoshop Masterpiece
Color Plates
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Sidebars

Play with pixels, lasso layers, and make your subjects look spectacular. It’s no secret—Photoshop has been described as a little bit beastly. But armed with this book, you can tame that beast in no time and be working with digital images, understanding PICT and EPS files, matching colors, creating layer comps, using filters, and spinning out Web graphics with the greatest of ease!

Discover how to:

  • Modify, retouch, and enhance images
  • Create type, vector art, and special effects
  • Understand layer masks and use channels
  • Prepare graphics for the Web
  • Choose the right tool for every job

About the Authors

Deke McClelland, a nationally recognized Photoshop expert, is the bestselling author of more than 70 books. He is a member of the elite Photoshop Hall of Fame.

Phyllis Davis is a writer, graphics and Web designer, and teacher.

Photoshop CS For Dummies

by Deke McClelland and Phyllis Davis

Photoshop® CS For Dummies®

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About the Authors

Pioneering electronic publishing expert Deke McClelland is the author of Photoshop 7 Bible (Wiley Publishing, Inc.), the best-selling guide on digital imaging. Having written more than 60 titles in 20 languages, with 3 million copies in print, Deke is one of the most award-winning writers in the business, including a total of seven honors from the Computer Press Association. In addition to designing and editing the Look & Learn visual learning series (Wiley Publishing, Inc.), Deke hosts the in-depth training videos, Total Photoshop, Total Illustrator, and Total InDesign (all Total Training). He is a contributing editor for Macworld and Photoshop User magazines, and a member of the PhotoshopWorld Instructor Dream Team.

Phyllis Davis is a writer, graphics and Web designer, teacher, and graphics software expert. Her professional design credits include many books, fine art posters, and advertisements.

In addition to being co-author of Photoshop CS for Dummies, Phyllis is also the author of The GIMP: Visual QuickStart Guide (Peachpit Press), CorelDraw: Visual QuickStart Guide (Peachpit Press), and many other highly regarded books about graphic and photo-manipulation software.

When she isn’t writing and designing books and creating Web sites, Phyllis can be found developing and teaching computer courses, digging in her garden with her husband, Harold, and playing with her wonderful boys, Julian and Nicholas.


For my men, Harold, Julian, and Nicholas. You guys keep life fun!

Author’s Acknowledgments

Special thanks to Matt Wagner and Bob Woerner for entrusting me with this great project. I also owe a debt of gratitude to Nicole Haims, who untwisted my gnarled sentences and kept me to the point. Without Nicole this book would have never gotten out the door on time.

Many of the beautiful photographs in this book were created by my husband, Harold Davis. These photographs are copyright © Harold Davis and are used with his permission. Thanks, Harold!

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