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web standards solutions: the markup and style handbook
Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook
by Dan Cederholm  ISBN:1590593812
Friends of Ed © 2004 (318 pages)

This easy-to-read book explains how to create markup and style, exploring multiple techniques for handling situations when building with Web Standards, and provides bonus tips and tricks so you can make informed decisions.

Table of Contents
Web Standards Solutions—The Markup and Style Handbook
Part One - Get Down with Markup
Chapter 1 - Lists
Chapter 2 - Headings
Chapter 3 - Tables are Evil?
Chapter 4 - Quotations
Chapter 5 - Forms
Chapter 6 - <STRONG>, <EM>, and Other Phrase Elements
Chapter 7 - Anchors
Chapter 8 - More Lists
Chapter 9 - Minimizing Markup
Part Two - Simplebits of Style
Chapter 10 - Applying CSS
Chapter 11 - Print Styles
Chapter 12 - CSS Layouts
Chapter 13 - Styling Text
Chapter 14 - Image Replacement
Chapter 15 - Styling <body>
Chapter 16 - Next Steps
List of Figures

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Web Standards Solutions—The Markup and Style Handbook

Dan Cederholm


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The source code for this book is freely available to readers at in the Downloads section.


Lead Editor: Chris Mills

Technical Reviewer: Drew McLellan

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Dan Cederholm is an award-winning web designer, consultant, and author who specializes in designing and building sites with web standards.

Throughout 2003, Dan became well known for his redesigns of the websites for Fast Company and Inc. using standards-compliant methods, while pushing the limits of CSS.

Dan also runs the popular weblog SimpleBits, for which he writes articles and commentary on the Web, technology, and life. His consulting firm of the same name focuses on applying the methods found throughout this book in creating simplistic and attractive interfaces.

Speaking at conferences such as SXSW Interactive in Austin, TX, Dan shares his simple approach to web design and development while spreading the word on the standards-based markup and style techniques he's collected.

He lives in Salem, Massachusetts, with his wife, Kerry, two cats, and one gecko.


Drew McLellan is a web application developer and author from just west of London, UK. He spends his days heading up web development for a successful creative agency and his nights writing and editing technical books. He maintains a personal web site on the topics surrounding his work at

Drew is the author of Dreamweaver MX Web Development for New Riders Publishing, and has had technical articles published on sites such as A List Apart ( and Macromedia ( He is a member of the Web Standards Project (, for which he helps out with public relations and various other duties.

When he grows up, he'd like to be a spaceman.


I'm entirely grateful to the following people who helped make this book possible:

To Chris Mills for being in on this from the very beginning, guiding me through and making sure the whole thing came together.

To Drew McLellan for his jolly good advice, guidance, and hard work.

To everyone at Apress/friends of ED who worked hard on this, especially Sofia Marchant, Ami Knox, and Ellie Fountain.

To Jeffrey Zeldman, without whom I wouldn't be writing this book and who has done more for web standards than anyone else.

To Douglas Bowman for providing impeccable design inspiration and proving that CSS layouts can work beautifully on large-scale commercial sites.

To Dave Shea for planting the garden and proving that CSS-based design can do just about anything we want it to.

To Jason Kottke for posing the question (the spark).

To the readers of SimpleBits for providing valuable discussions that fueled the idea for this book.

To Eric Meyer, Christopher Schmitt, Tantek Çelik, Molly Holzschlag, Todd Dominey, Mike Davidson, Ryan Carver, Dan Rubin, D. Keith Robinson, Mark Pilgrim, Joe Clark, Craig Saila, Nick Finck, Owen Briggs, Simon Willison, Ian Lloyd, Dan Benjamin, and many others whose online and offline efforts within the web standards community have helped thousands like myself.

To the members of the Web Standards Project, whose education continues to benefit web designers and developers from all over.

To my former web team colleagues at Fast Company and Inc.—especially Rob Roesler, who gave me a great opportunity and support; David Searson, whom I've learned more from than he'll ever know; ditto Bob Joyal; Paul Maiorana for putting up with my Journey obsession; Daigo Fujiwara; Paul Cabana; Nick Colletta; Heath Row; Irina Lodkin; Carole Matthews; Becca Rees; Alex Ashton; Peter Wilkinson—and Linda Tischler for bringing me to FC.

To my family and friends and most importantly my wife Kerry—for her relentless support no matter what we're up to.

And to you, for reading.

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