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windows media resource kit
Windows Media Resource Kit
by Tricia Gill, Bill Birney et al.  ISBN:0735618070
Microsoft Press © 2003 (525 pages)

This resource kit offers technical insights and tools needed for capturing, encoding, distributing, and playing back digital video and audio using the Windows Media 9 Series platform.

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Table of Contents
Microsoft Windows Media Resource Kit
Part I - Getting Started with Streaming Media
Chapter 1 - Understanding Streaming Media Concepts
Chapter 2 - Capturing and Encoding Content with Windows Media Encoder
Chapter 3 - Distributing Content with Windows Media Services
Chapter 4 - Playing Content with Windows Media Player
Part II - Small-Scale Internet Streaming
Chapter 5 - Envisioning the Streaming Media Site
Chapter 6 - Planning the Streaming Media Site
Chapter 7 - Developing the Streaming Media Site
Chapter 8 - Testing the Site Implementation
Part III - Internet Digital Media Business
Chapter 9 - Envisioning and Planning
Chapter 10 - Movie Trailers
Chapter 11 - Movie Info Channels
Chapter 12 - Live Events Channel
Chapter 13 - Movie Rentals
Part IV - Enterprise Intranet Streaming Media
Chapter 14 - Adding Streaming Media to Enterprise Networks
Chapter 15 - Phase I: Content Creation
Chapter 16 - Phase I: Media Guide Portal
Chapter 17 - Phase I: Server Deployment
Chapter 18 - Phase II: Live Production
Chapter 19 - Phase II: Microsoft Producer Mini-studio
Chapter 20 - Phase II: Remote Server Deployment
Chapter 21 - Phase III: Producing a Training Series
Chapter 22 - Phase III: Multicast-enabled Network
Chapter 23 - Phase III: Usage Reports and Feedback
Part V - Appendixes
Appendix A - SMIL Reference
Appendix B - Windows Media Performance Counters
Appendix C - Log Fields
Appendix D - Windows Media Metafile Elements
cd content CD Content

Broadcast live events or stream content on demand with expertise from those who know the technology best—the Microsoft Windows Media Team. This official Resource Kit packs the technical insights and tools you need to capture, encode, distribute, and play back digital video and audio using the Windows Media 9 Series platform. You’ll play back digital video and audio using the Windows Media 9 Series platform. You’ll learn how to plan, develop, and implement basic to advanced solutions. And you get essential production and administration resources. It’s everything you need to deliver professional-quality streaming media solutions—and maximize their impact.

Get end-to-end guidance straight from the Microsoft Windows Media team.

  • Know what’s involved in streaming through a hosting service, an enterprise intranet, or your own Web page
  • Use vision documents and checklists to plan your solution and map out deployment
  • Learn best practices for compressing content and using codecs
  • Get tips for creating compelling, high-quality audio and video
  • Set up production—from a single workstation to a studio—and delivery—from one server to an enterprise cluster
  • Use Digital Rights Management technologies to help protect content
  • Create server-side playlists that you can update on the fly
  • Develop a Web portal to manage large content archives
  • Test playback for live and on-demand content

About the Authors

The highly skilled experts on the Microsoft Windows Media Team, including Tricia Gill and Bill Birney, are responsible for every phase of planning, developing, deploying and supporting Windows Media Technologies.