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practical j2ee application architecture
Practical J2EE Application Architecture
byNadir GulzarandKartik Ganeshan ISBN:0072227117
McGraw-Hill/Osborne 2003 (374 pages)

This text offers a complete blueprint for establishing a working baseline architecture for nearly any web application or service. Coverage includes security caching, presentation tiers, domain models, deployment, and more.

Table of Contents
Practical J2EE Application Architecture
Part I - Requirements and Architecture Definition
Chapter 1 - Requirements Analysis with Use Cases
Chapter 2 - Information Architecture for Use Case Elaboration
Chapter 3 - Application Architecture, Security, and Caching
Part II - Design and Construction
Chapter 4 - Struts-Based Application Architecture
Chapter 5 - Presentation Tier Design and Implementation
Chapter 6 - Domain Model Design and Implementation
Chapter 7 - Business Tier Design and Implementation
Chapter 8 - Web Services for Application Integration
Chapter 9 - Application Assembly and Deployment
Part III - Appendixes
Appendix A - Detailed Use Case Description Template
Appendix B - GreaterCause Wire Frames
Appendix C - GreaterCause Site Flow
Appendix D - FeaturedNPOQueryService WSDL
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Developers and students aspiring to be Java 2 Enterprise Edition architects will greatly benefit from this groundbreaking resource. Packed with information on technologies, processes, and architecture, this book provides complete end-to-end coverage for designing and developing a J2EE-based solution. Plus--this is the first book to show and explain Struts implementation patterns, in addition to delivering clear insight into Struts architecture and its core services. provides a complete roadmap for creating and deploying Internet-based J2EE applications, ultimately delivering fast ramp-up and higher ROI.

Practical J2EE Application Architecture

Nadir Gulzar


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Practical J2EE Application Architecture

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About the Author

Nadir Gulzar has over 16 years of IT industry experience. Over the last several years, he held the positions of senior architect, chief architect, and director of technology. Nadir is also a J2EE evangelist and mentor, and has created and delivered several training courses. He has worked on projects for global brand names like Sprint, Sears Roebuck, McKesson, and Visa International where he was responsible for architecting and designing medium to large-scale software systems. Nadir leads cross-functional teams comprising of business, creative, and technology personnel for delivering solutions based on object-oriented principles and concepts with particular emphasis on use case driven process.

About the Contributors

Govy Munamala is a Sr. Systems Architect at Inovant, a subsidiary of Visa International. Govy has been involved at Inovant with major re-architecture effort for creating next generation eCommerce applications using J2EE platform and XML-based technologies. Govy is involved in architecting high volume transaction validation system deployed globally by leveraging the latest advances in Java and XML-based technologies.

Kartik Ganeshan is a Java Architect with the Sun Software Services consulting organization focused on delivering application architecture services, Java technology expertise, best practices and methodologies for software development and design. Over the years, Kartik has had extensive involvement in leveraging J2SE and J2EE platforms including the Sun ONE architecture for building mission-critical enterprise applications and web services. His core interests include J2EE architecture, Web service technologies, XML, and security.

Mansour Kavianpour has extensive experience in systems integration, CORBA, J2EE and Web Services technologies. He is a well-known expert in the EAI community. Mansour was involved in the creation of several OMG specifications. He has developed many successful large-scale component-based systems.

Terry Markou has many years of experience in designing and developing various interactive Web applications, using J2EE and XML technologies. His clients encompass the transportation, real estate, medical, non-profit, and manufacturing industries, among others. He has unique understanding and proficiency in both the artistic as well as the technical aspects of Web application development.

Sarah Stritter Murgel is a usability and visual design specialist. She has worked on interactive projects for global brands such as BEA Systems, SBC, and Visa.