Practical J2EE Application Architecture - page 100



ObjectNotFoundException for entity beans, explanation of, 258-259

OMB (Object Management Group), model-driven architecture of, 282

one-to-many unidirectional relationship, example of, 210, 226, 259-262

operations in WSDL documents, purpose of, 284

Oracle database server, setting up JDBC connection pool for, 324



package dependencies

identifying in business tier, 244

identifying in presentation tier, 152-153

page property, using with Manage NPO Profile use case, 165

parameter type-conversion for forms, requesting with Struts, 113-114

path attribute, using with ActionMapping configuration objects, 94-95

pattern discovery and documentation, overview of, 161

Perform Site Administration package, overview of, 20-23

Perform UI Customization use case, overview of, 21

plug-ins, using with Struts, 117-118

PlugInConfig configuration objects, purpose of, 119

PlugInConfig object, creating, 126


location of profile and registration

information for, 212

meaning of, 7

portal-alliance administrator, role in GreaterCause application, 10


context diagram of, 6

meaning of, 6

role in GreaterCause application, 10

portal, meaning of, 6

Portal Pass-through package, overview of, 25-26

portal-providers, purpose of, 7

PortalAlliance-Campaign relationship in domain model, overview of, 210-211

PortalAlliance interface, defining for domain model, 223-225

PortalAllianceRegistrationAction request handler, example of, 96, 141-142

PortalAllianceRegistrationForm, example of, 110

portlets, purpose of, 299-300

ports in WSDL documents, purpose of, 285

portTypes in WSDL documents

overview of, 291-292

purpose of, 284-285


in Create Campaign use case, 38

in Manage Donation Cart use case, 44

in Manage Donor Preferences use case, 47

purpose of, 334

in Register Donor use case, 46

in Update Campaigns use case, 41


in Create Campaign use case, 38

in Manage Donation Cart use case, 44

in Manage Donor Preferences use case, 47

purpose of, 334

in Register Donor use case, 46

in Update Campaigns use case, 41

presentation-layer framework, explanation of, 53

presentation tier

accessing domain objects from, 233

versus business tier, 238

and business tier patterns, 233-235

and Campaigns use cases, 188-205

implementing security in, 153-161

and Manage NPO Profile use case, 161-169

and Manage Portal-Alliance Profile use case, 176-181

realizing Site Administration use cases in, 161-186

and Register NPO use case, 181-186

and Register Portal-Alliance use case, 169-176

and Update Campaigns use case, 201-205

presentation-tier classes

factoring tags into design process of, 147-149

factoring Validator into design process of, 149-152

identifying package dependencies in, 152-153

implementing, 137-153

implementing request handlers in, 140-142

implementing request handlers with, 140-142

using business delegate pattern with, 143-144

using service locator pattern with, 145-147

primary domains in SSO, explanation of, 66

principal-to-role mapping, declaring, 156, 325-326

principals in JAAS, functionality of, 70

problem domains, defining, 6-9. See also domains

process methods, role in Struts MVC semantics, 129-130

Process View, explanation of, 51

profiles in SSO, overview of, 67

project descriptions, creating for problem domains, 6-9

Project Liberty, Web address for, 73. See also Liberty architecture

PropertyMessageResources class in Struts, purpose of, 131-132

PropertyUtils.copyProperties( toBean, fromBean ) method, using, 140

protected resources, preventing access to, 160-161

Provide Featured-NPO use case, overview of, 23

providers, federating, 77-78

Public Key Cryptography in digital signatures, overview of, 62-63