Appendix A. CD Contents and Installation Instructions

Appendix A. CD Contents and Installation Instructions

The CD features an innovative practice test engine powered by MeasureUp™, giving you yet another effective tool to assess your readiness for the exam.

Multiple Test Modes

MeasureUp practice tests are available in Study, Certification, Custom, Missed Question, and Non-Duplicate question modes.

Study Mode

Tests administered in Study Mode enable you to request the correct answer(s) and explanation(s) to each question during the test. These tests are not timed. You can modify the testing environment during the test by selecting the Options button.

Certification Mode

Tests administered in Certification Mode closely simulate the actual testing environment you will encounter when taking a certification exam. These tests do not enable you to request the answer(s) and/or explanation(s) to each question until after the exam.

Custom Mode

Custom Mode enables you to specify your preferred testing environment. Use this mode to specify the objectives you want to include in your test, the timer length, and other test properties. You can also modify the testing environment during the test by selecting the Options button.

Missed Question Mode

Missed Question Mode enables you to take a test containing only the questions you have missed previously.

Non-Duplicate Mode

Non-Duplicate Mode enables you to take a test containing only questions not displayed previously.

Random Questions and Order of Answers

This feature helps you learn the material without memorizing questions and answers. Each time you take a practice test, the questions and answers appear in a different randomized order.

Detailed Explanations of Correct and Incorrect Answers

You'll receive automatic feedback on all correct and incorrect answers. The detailed answer explanations are a superb learning tool in their own right.

Attention to Exam Objectives

MeasureUp practice tests are designed to appropriately balance the questions over each technical area covered by a specific exam.

Installing the CD

The minimum system requirements for the CD-ROM are

  • Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, or XP

  • 7MB disk space for testing engine

  • An average of 1MB disk space for each test

To install the CD-ROM, follow these instructions:

If you need technical support, please contact MeasureUp at 678-356-5050 or email Additionally, you'll find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at


Close all applications before beginning this installation.


Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive. If the setup starts automatically, go to step 5. If the setup does not start automatically, continue with step 3.


From the Start menu, select Run.


In the Browse dialog box, double-click Setup.exe. In the Run dialog box, click OK to begin the installation.


On the Welcome screen, click Next.


To agree to the Software License Agreement, click Yes.


On the Choose Destination Location screen, click Next to install the software to C:\Program Files\Certification Preparation.


On the Setup Type screen, select Typical Setup. Click Next to continue.


After the installation is complete, verify that Yes, I Want to Restart My Computer Now is selected. If you select No, I Will Restart My Computer Later, you will not be able to use the program until you restart your computer.


Click Finish.


After restarting your computer, choose Start, Programs, MeasureUp, MeasureUp Practice Tests.


Select the practice test and click Start Test.

Creating a Shortcut to the MeasureUp Practice Tests

To create a shortcut to the MeasureUp practice tests, follow these steps:


Right-click on your desktop.


From the shortcut menu, select New, Shortcut.


Browse to C:\Program Files\MeasureUp Practice Tests and select the MeasureUpCertification.exe or Localware.exe file.


Click OK.


Click Next.


Rename the shortcut MeasureUp.


Click Finish.

After you have completed step 7, use the MeasureUp shortcut on your desktop to access the MeasureUp practice test.