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how to shine at work
How to Shine at Work
by Linda R. Dominguez  ISBN:0071408657
McGraw-Hill © 2003 (305 pages)

This book describes 14 surefire strategies, as well as dozens of techniques and tips for charting a course through today's work environment and coming out at the head of the pack.

Table of Contents
How to Shine at Work
Part 1 - Getting Along at Work
Chapter 1 - My Boss Hates Me
Chapter 2 - When You Work for a Jerk
Chapter 3 - Cranky Coworkers
Chapter 4 - PLOP Culture
Chapter 5 - Keys to Successful Workplace Relationships
Part 2 - Getting Ahead
Chapter 6 - Vision, Mission, Goals
Chapter 7 - Management-Level Office Politics
Chapter 8 - Creating Visibility
Chapter 9 - Coaching Your Manager
Chapter 10 - Delivering Results
Chapter 11 - When, Why, and How to Ask for a Raise
Chapter 12 - How to Get a Promotion
Part 3 - Moving On
Chapter 13 - If, When, and How to Leave Your Job
Chapter 14 - The Rules of the Road to a New Career
Part 4 - Career Control
Chapter 15 - Taking Control
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Today’s workplace is a bonanza of advancement opportunities for those who know how to seize them—and a maze of career-ending pitfalls for those who don’t. In this practical, straightforward guide, executive coach Linda Dominguez provides proven success strategies for anyone who holds a job—in any industry. Serving as a personal coach of your own, How to Shine at Work will help you define your goals—and achieve them.

Learn how to:

  • Get along in your current work environment
  • Create a plan for moving ahead in your career
  • Recognize options, manage change—and take smart risks
  • Turn any situation around—and have fun doing it
  • Create visibility without arrogance
  • Know when it’s time to move on—and make a graceful exit

…plus much more, including case studies and real-world examples along with invaluable self-tests, worksheets, and checklists to help you take control of your future—and your life.

About the Author

Linda R. Dominguez is the founder and principal of Executive Coaching and Resource Network and has worked with more than 500 executives and leaders to advance their careers. She is also a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Fortune and other business and career publications.

How to Shine at Work

Linda R. Dominguez


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