Awesome 3D Game Development: No Programming Required teaches aspiring game developers how to create their own computer games without programming skills and provides an in-depth understanding of how the game design process works. Using hands-on tutorials and “drag-and-drop” game engines, readers learn to make and modify their own interactive 3D computer games, create models, and select game assets. This is a great way to learn the fundamentals of game design and game creation—no programming skills required!


  • Chose your own vehicles, weapons, scenery, and characters to create 3D games
  • Provides detailed tutorials that walk you through all the aspects of 3D game creation
  • Teaches how to model, capture, and texture game images and animations with Paint Shop Pro and MilkShape 3D

About the Author

Clayton E. Crooks II is a partner in Advanced Information Systems, a consulting company specializing in custom hardware and software solutions. His articles have appeared in Dr. Dobbs, and he has authored many game development titles, including The gmax Handbook.

Awesome 3D Game Development—No Programming Required

Clayton E. Crooks II

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Awesome 3D game development: no programming required / Clayton E. Crooks II.
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There are many people who have been involved with the development of this book, and because of their hard work and dedication, you are now holding it. First, I’d like to thank everyone at Charles River Media, and especially Dave Pallai, for the opportunity to write another book. It continues to be a great pleasure to work with you. Thank you all for your help and advice throughout the process.

Lastly, thanks to my family, my wife Amy and son Clayton, for giving up so much of their time to allow me the opportunity to do these types of projects.