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This book is dedicated to you, the Internet generation, whether you are navigating the Web for yourself or as parents valiantly trying to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your family.

Praise for Look Both Ways ...

"With so many professing to understand how Internet sexual predators operate online, finding the real experts is a challenge. I look no further than Linda Criddle. She is one of the few people in the field I turn to with questionsa mom, a child protection advocate, and a friend. Children are safer because of her caring and work."

Parry Aftab

Internet Privacy and Security Lawyer and Executive Director of

"As an Internet child safety expert at Microsoft, Linda has an impressive background in online child protection, dealing with predatory behavior and in product risk analysis. Her work as an investigative journalist has honed a sharp, incisive, and methodical mind, which expresses itself in highly accessible writing. Being herself a mother of four also means Linda is always grounded in the nitty gritty realities of every parent's daily struggle to do the best they can for their kids."

John Carr

Chair of the UK's Children's Charities' Coalition on Internet Safety

"Look Both Ways is both informative and a much needed resource for a range of audiences, including business, government, parents, teachers, and even perhaps young people themselves. Whilst much is said about the risks to children online, there is little commentary that articulates them clearly and then goes on to identify ways in which they can be managed in a proactive and meaningful way. Look Both Ways will have significant international value, especially for those tasked with making the online world safer for children."

Annie Mullins

Vodafone Global Content Standards Manager

"Once upon a time, the most serious concern a parent would have about the media life of a young child was whether a TV show was on too late in the evening. Things have surely changed. In today's world of blogs, downloads, and the Internet, parents need to be armed with every tool available as well as their own good judgment. And parents must take proactive steps toward ensuring their child's safety. In Look Both Ways, Linda Criddle provides those tools and gives the very clear message that parents must do what others either will not, or can not, doprotect their children from the insidious forces that are ready to take advantage."

Neil J. Salkind, Ph.D.

University of Kansas