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the a+ certification and pc repair handbook
The A+ Certification and PC Repair Handbook
byChristopher A. Crayton, Joel Z. RosenthalandKevin J. Irwin ISBN:1584503726
Charles River Media 2004

This guide combines a complete test preparation for the new A+ examinations (220-301 and 220-302) with a hands on guide that reflects how the A+ exam questions apply to real-world PC repair problems.

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Table of Contents
The A+ Certification and PC Repair Handbook
Part I - PC Repair and Maintenance
Chapter 1 - Overview
Chapter 2 - System Configuration and Computer Hygiene
Chapter 3 - Motherboards and Their Components
Chapter 4 - Cases and Power Supplies
Chapters 1–4 - A+ Certification Review Questions
Chapter 5 - Memory (RAM)
Chapter 6 - Magnetic Disk Drives
Chapter 7 - CD and DVD Drives
Chapter 8 - Video, Sound, Modems, and Network Adapters
Chapters 5–8 - A+ Certification Review Questions
Chapter 9 - Input Devices
Chapter 10 - Troubleshooting Internet Connections
Chapter 11 - Troubleshooting
Chapter 12 - Things Not to Do with a Computer
Chapter 13 - Command-Line Tutorial: MS-DOS and 32-Bit Commands: A Practical Tutorial and Reference
Chapters 9-13 - A+ Certification Review Questions
Part II - PC Repair and Maintenance
Chapter 14 - Introduction to the A+ Certification Exams
Part IIA - A+ Core Hardware Service Technician Study (Exam 220-301)
Chapter 15 - Motherboards, Power, BIOS, and Expansion Buses
Chapter 16 - Processors and Cache
Chapter 17 - Understanding Memory
Chapter 18 - System Resources and Input Devices
Chapter 19 - Basic Output Devices
Chapter 20 - Storage Devices and Interfaces
Chapter 21 - Cables, Connectors, and Ports
Chapter 22 - Basic Networking
Part IIB - A+ Operating Systems Technologies Study (Exam 220-302)
Chapter 23 - Operating System Fundamentals and DOS
Chapter 24 - Windows 9x
Chapter 25 - Windows NT
Chapter 26 - Windows 2000
Chapter 27 - Windows Me
Chapter 28 - Windows XP
Appendix - About the CD-ROM
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Tutorials
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Many A+ certification guides prepare aspiring PC technicians to pass the exam, but don’t put test objectives in a “practical use” context. Other PC repair guides cover A+ exam objectives in a real-world setting, but don’t prepare students well enough to pass the test and get certified. The A+ Certification and PC Repair Handbook solves this problem by combining a complete test preparation for the new A+ examinations (220-301 and 220-302) with a hands-on guide that reflects how the A+ exam questions apply to real-world PC repair problems. The book teaches users how to install and troubleshoot hardware, and provides solutions to common operating system-related problems for machines running Microsoft Windows 9x, Me, 2000, and XP. Each chapter includes numerous diagrams and photographs, and explains PC repair techniques using easy-to-understand language and accessible terms. For each chapter explaining these PC repair tactics, another chapter is included on how to pass the corresponding portion of the A+ exam with objectives and sample exam questions based on the actual tests. Test-taking techniques are also covered, including the test’s recent return to conventional linear testing, as opposed to the adaptive format of previous years.


  • Covers all of the Comp TIA 2003 A+ objectives for exams 220-301 and 220-3002
  • Discusses the repair of personal computers running Windows 9x, Millennium, 2000, and XP with numerous photographs and diagrams showing how to perform various tasks
  • Integrates sample A+ exam questions after the appropriate PC Repair chapters

About the Authors

Christopher A. Crayton is a Comp TIA-certified instructor. Keiser College recognized him as their “Teacher of the Year” in 2000; now he serves as network administrator for Protocol, and ECRM company. His past books include the best-selling A+ Adaptive Exams and The Security+ Exams Guide (Charles River Media).

Joel Z. Rosenthal is an A+ and Microsoft certified technician, writer, and editor. He currently works as a computer repair technician.

Kevin J. Irwin owns and operates a computer repair shop. He has been repairing and working with computers for over 20 years.