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the headcount solution: how to cut compensation costs and keep your best people
The Headcount Solution: How to Cut Compensation Costs and Keep Your Best People
byN. Fredric Crandall, Marc J. Wallace, al. ISBN:0071402993
McGraw-Hill 2003 (237 pages)

Take your company from crisis to recovery--without losing your best people.

Table of Contents
The Headcount Solution—How to Cut Compensation Costs and Keep Your Best People
Part One - The Headcount Dilemma
Chapter 1 - Why the Easy Solution to a Business Crisis—Layoffs—Is Not Necessarily the Best Solution
Chapter 2 - What Companies Are Doing to Cut Costs and Keep Their Best People
Chapter 3 - Leadership During a Crisis—How to Maintain Morale and Keep Your Best People
Part Two - The Headcount Solution
Chapter 4 - Step 1—Prepare Your Organization for What’s in Store
Chapter 5 - Step 2—Plan for Three Rounds of Compensation Cost Cutting
Chapter 6 - Step 3—Decide Whom to Cut and Whom to Keep
Chapter 7 - Step 4—Implement Across-The-Board Cuts
Chapter 8 - Step 5—Implement Alternative Work Arrangements
Chapter 9 - Step 6—Implement Layoffs
Chapter 10 - Step 7—Help Survivors Cope and Get Back to Business
Appendix A - Sample Employment Termination Agreement for an Individual 40 Years of Age or Older
Appendix B - Sample Employment Termination Agreement to Be Used for More Than One Individual 40 Years of Age or Older
Appendix C - Sample Speech— Announcing a Company Crisis (Round 1 of Cost Cutting)
Appendix D - Sample Speech—Announcing Alternative Work Arrangements (Round 2 of Cost Cutting)
Appendix E - Sample Speech—Layoff Announcement (Round 3 of Cost Cutting)
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For even the toughest executive, downsizing or restructuring a business is a sobering, difficult experience. No company can survive this type of crisis without holding on to its best people—the ones with industry-specific technical, manufacturing, or marketing expertise. However, when a business crisis forces layoffs, there is a sizeable risk that the wrong people will be let go. It’s crucial to your company’s future to make sure this doesn’t happen. In The Headcount Solution, N. Fredric Crandall and Marc J. Wallace Jr. demonstrate how to:

  • Implement layoffs
  • Avoid losing vital employees
  • Maintain workplace morale
  • Rebuild your company
  • Prepare for competitive battles, and much more

Using best practices from major corporations such as Microsoft and Motorola, the authors also explain how your company can avoid major downsizing mistakes. The Headcount Solution will help your organization get ahead, and prepare your staff for a hard yet hopeful future.

About the Authors

N. Fredric Crandall, Ph.D., and Marc J. Wallace Jr., Ph.D., are founding partners of the Center for Workforce Effectiveness based in Northbrook, Illinois. Drs. Crandall and Wallace are frequent speakers to such groups as the American Management Association and WorldatWork. They have consulted across a wide variety of industries and their research findings have been published in numerous articles. They are coauthors of Work and Rewards in the Virtual Workplace, the 1999 Book of the Year of The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Margaret Crane is a business journalist and author. Her articles have appeared in Crain’s Chicago Business, The New York Times, Money, Inc., and Success magazine.

Barbara Ballinger Buchholz is a freelance writer on business, real estate and design for the Crain’s Chicago Business, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, House Beautiful, and other publications. She has coauthored twelve books.