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the 2007 microsoft office system step by step
The 2007 Microsoft Office System Step by Step
byJoyce Coxet al.
Microsoft Press 2007 (752 pages)

With coverage of core Office programs and highlights of new ones, this indispensable guide will show you how to create high quality documents, powerful spreadsheets, compelling slide presentations, and so much more.

Table of Contents
The 2007 Microsoft Office System Step by Step
A Tour of the Office 2007 User Interface
Part I - Microsoft Office Word 2007
Chapter 1 - Exploring Word 2007
Chapter 2 - Editing and Proofreading Documents
Chapter 3 - Changing the Look of Text
Chapter 4 - Presenting Information in Columns and Tables
Part II - Microsoft Office Excel 2007
Chapter 5 - Setting Up a Workbook
Chapter 6 - Working with Data and Data Tables
Chapter 7 - Performing Calculations on Data
Chapter 8 - Changing Document Appearance
Part III - Microsoft Office Access 2007
Chapter 9 - Creating a Database
Chapter 10 - Simplifying Data Entry by Using Forms
Chapter 11 - Locating Specific Information
Chapter 12 - Keeping Your Information Accurate
Part IV - Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
Chapter 13 - Starting a New Presentation
Chapter 14 - Working with Slide Text
Chapter 15 - Adjusting the Slide Layout, Order, and Look
Chapter 16 - Delivering a Presentation Electronically
Part V - Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
Chapter 17 - Getting Started with Outlook 2007
Chapter 18 - Sending E-Mail Messages
Chapter 19 - Managing Your Inbox
Chapter 20 - Managing Appointments, Events, and Meetings
Chapter 21 - Managing Your Calendar
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List of Examples
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The smart way to learn the latest version of Microsoft Office-one step at a time! Work at your own pace through the easy numbered steps, practice files, helpful hints, and troubleshooting help to master the fundamentals of working with Office 2007, including how to navigate the new user interface. With coverage of core Office programs, and highlights of new programs, you will learn how to create professional-quality documents, powerful spreadsheets, and compelling slide presentations. You will also discover how to get your Web site up and running, how to take notes electronically, and how to manage your e-mail communications and workday. You'll even step through the fundamentals of working with Microsoft InfoPath forms and collaborating with Microsoft Office SharePoint, Microsoft Office LiveMeeting, and Microsoft Office Groove.

About the Authors

Joyce Cox has 25 years’ experience in the development of training materials about technical subjects for non-technical audiences, and is the author of dozens of books about Office and Windows technologies. She is the Vice President of Online Training Solutions, Inc. (OTSI). She was President of and principal author for Online Press, where she developed the Quick Course series of computer training books for beginning and intermediate adult learners. She was also the first managing editor of Microsoft Press, an editor for Sybex, and an editor for the University of California.

Curtis Frye is a freelance writer and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Microsoft Office Excel. He lives in Portland, Oregon, and is the author of eight books from Microsoft Press, including Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Step by Step, Microsoft Office Access 2007 Plain & Simple, Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Plain & Simple, and Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 Step By Step. He has also written numerous articles for the Microsoft Work Essentials web site. Before beginning his writing career in June 1995, Curt spent four years with The MITRE Corporation as a defense trade analyst and one year as Director of Sales and Marketing for Digital Gateway Systems, an Internet service provider. Curt graduated from Syracuse University in 1990 with an honors degree in political science.

Steve Lambert has written 18 books, most of which are about Microsoft applications. As President of Online Publishing and Programming Solutions, Inc. (OP2S), he has managed the development of many tools for creating and viewing training material.

During 20 years in academia, M. Dow Lambert III authored or co-authored 19 social science research publications, developed curriculum and training programs for social services professionals, and managed longitudinal studies of human behavior. In 1995, he moved from academia to the private sector, where he worked for a small company that developed and maintained reservation systems for the travel industry. Here he learned the difference between writing research reports for scientific journals, writing technical specifications for programmers, and writing user guides for the people who actually needed to understand and use the software that his company produced.

Katherine Murray is the author of many books on technology, with a special emphasis on Microsoft Office. Her most recent book, First Look 2007 Microsoft Office System (Microsoft Press, 2006) is available as a free downloadable PDF on the 2007 Microsoft Office download site. Katherine is also the coauthor of Microsoft Word 2007 Inside Out and MSN Spaces: Share Your Story. Katherine is a regular contributor to a number of Microsoft sites and publishes a blog called BlogOffice, offering tips, updates, news, and resources related to a variety of Microsoft Office versions and events.

Joan Lambert Preppernau is the author of more than a dozen books about Windows and Office, including the popular Microsoft Windows XP Step by Step, and a contributor to the development of the Microsoft certification exams for the 2007 Office system and Windows Vista. Having learned about computers literally at her father’s knee, Joan’s wide-ranging experiences in various facets of the computer industry contribute to her enthusiasm for producing interesting, useful, and reader-friendly training materials. Joan is the President of Online Training Solutions, Inc. (OTSI) and an avid telecommuter. The power of the Internet and an obsession with technology have made it possible for Joan to live and work in New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, and various locations in the U.S. during the past 15 years.