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mastering microsoft project 2002
Mastering Microsoft Project 2002
by Gini Courter, Annette Marquis and Michael Miller  ISBN:0782141471
Sybex © 2003 (771 pages)

Use Project 2002 for effective project management.

Table of Contents
Mastering Microsoft Project 2002
Part I - Introducing Microsoft Project 2002
Chapter 1 - Project 2002 Basics
Chapter 2 - Understanding Project Management
Chapter 3 - Understanding Project Management Tasks
Chapter 4 - Project 2002 Quickstart
Part II - Creating a Project from Start to Finish
Chapter 5 - Working in Project 2002
Chapter 6 - Building a New Project
Chapter 7 - Entering Project Tasks
Chapter 8 - Scheduling and Linking Project Tasks
Chapter 9 - Defining Project Resources and Costs
Chapter 10 - Assigning and Scheduling Resources and Costs
Chapter 11 - Preparing Your Project for Publication
Chapter 12 - Tracking Project Progress
Part III - Juggling and Managing Projects
Chapter 13 - Assessing and Managing Risks
Chapter 14 - Sharing Resources and Tasks among Multiple Projects
Chapter 15 - Communicating Project Information
Part IV - Evaluating and Analyzing Project Data
Chapter 16 - Using Views to Evaluate Data
Chapter 17 - Using Reports to Analyze Data
Chapter 18 - Importing and Exporting Project Data
Chapter 19 - Closing a Project
Part V - Using Microsoft Project Server
Chapter 20 - Installing and Administering Microsoft Project Server
Chapter 21 - Using Project Server 2002 for Enterprise-Wide Projects
Chapter 22 - Using Web Access for Group Projects
Part VI - Customizing and Automating Project 2002
Chapter 23 - Customizing Project 2002
Chapter 24 - Creating Project 2002 Macros
Chapter 25 - Customizing Fields and Forms
Chapter 26 - Automating Project 2002 with VBA
Chapter 27 - Advanced Programming in Project 2002
Appendix - Resources
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Don’t fear its complexity. Microsoft Project 2002 is more adaptable than ever. Mastering Microsoft Project 2002 shows you how to make Project really work for you, whether you’re managing a sprawling, enterprise-wide project or something much smaller. Learn basic tasks and quickly move on to more advanced features, choosing the path that will make you and your organization efficient and successful.

Coverage Includes:

  • Understanding the project management process
  • Creating a new project
  • Entering project tasks
  • Scheduling and linking project tasks
  • Defining project resources and costs
  • Assigning and scheduling resources and costs
  • Communicating project information with other team members
  • Tracking project process
  • Assessing and managing risks
  • Sharing resources and tasks among multiple projects
  • Analyzing data using views and reports
  • Importing and exporting project data
  • Installing and administering Project Server
  • Using Project Professional and Project Server for enterprise-wide projects
  • Using Web Access for group projects
  • Creating Project macros
  • Customizing fields and forms
  • Automating Project with VBA

About the Authors

Gini Courter and Annette Marquis are co-owners of TRIAD Consulting, LLC, a firm specializing in training and collaboration solutions, including customized solutions using Outlook and Exchange Server. TRIAD Consulting has trained thousands of business users to get the most from Microsoft Excel. Courter and Marquis are the authors of numerous books, including Mastering Microsoft Office XP, Mastering Microsoft Excel 2002, and the Microsoft Office 2000 User Specialist Study Guide, all from Sybex.

Michael Miller has authored more than four dozen nonfiction books in the past decade, including Sybex’s Absolute Security, Discovering P2P, Discovering Bluetooth, Mastering Word 2000 Premium Edition, and PowerPoint 2000! I Didn’t Know You Could Do That. He is known for his ability to explain technical issues to nontechnical readers.