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branded customer service: the new competitive edge
Branded Customer Service: The New Competitive Edge
byJanelle BarlowandPaul Stewart ISBN:1576752984
Berrett-Koehler Publishers 2004 (280 pages)

By applying the concepts in this book, organizations can use customer service as a powerful tool for establishing and maintaining a distinct brand identity.

Table of Contents
Branded Customer Service—The New Competitive Edge
Introduction - On-Brand or Off-Brand
Part I - Linking the Big World of Branding to Customer Service
Chapter 1 - The Branding Imperative
Chapter 2 - Generic Customer Service Isn't Enough Anymore
Chapter 3 - Road Map to Branded Customer Service
Part II - Embedding On-Brand Service into Your Organizational DNA
Chapter 4 - Defining Your Brand DNA
Chapter 5 - Brand Power Tools: Likability, Reinforcement, and Consistency
Chapter 6 - Culture Change: The Bedrock of Brand Development
Chapter 7 - Communicating to Ensure Brand Resonance
Chapter 8 - Internal Word of Mouth: The Role of Brand Champions
Chapter 9 - Human Resources: The Window to the Corporate Soul
Part III - The Branded Customer Service Toolbox
Chapter 10 - Great Brands are Supported From Within: the Role of Management
Chapter 11 - Selling in a Branded World: Linking Your Brand Proposition to Your Sales Messages
Chapter 12 - The Toolbox of On-Brand Exercises
Final Thoughts
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of On-brands and Off-brands

Branding is an integral part of modern business strategy. But while there are dozens of books on branding products and marketing campaigns, nobody has applied the logic and techniques of branding to customer service-until now.

Branded Customer Service is a practical guide to moving service delivery to a new level so that brand reinforcement occurs every time customers interact with organizational representatives. Janelle Barlow and Paul Stewart show how to infuse an entire organization with brand values and create a recognizable style of service that reflects brand promises and brand images.

Branded Customer Service will help readers:

  • Personalize and reinforce brands through staff/customer interactions
  • Link brand propositions to selling style and messages
  • Embed on-brand service into "organizational DNA" through human resources policies, brand champions, and culture/brand alignment
  • Communicate internally to ensure that brands resonate within organizations.

An identifiable, attractive brand offers an enormous competitive advantage. By applying the concepts in this book, organizations can use customer service as a powerful tool for establishing and maintaining a distinct brand identity.

About the Authors

Janelle Barlow is president and owner of TMI US. Her clients include Hewlett-Packard, Chevron, Exxon, Genentech, Avon Cosmetics, Kaiser Permanente Hospitals, and many others. She also sits on the board of the National Speaker's Association.

Paul Stewart is a Director of TMI New Zealand, which is part of the international human-factor based business solutions company TMI International. TMI works to create Exciting Company Cultures, applying concepts in organizational development, operational processes, internal marketing and communications. He was previously chief economist for the ANZ Banking Group (NZ) Ltd. And has held key executive roles specializing in operationalizing corporate strategy through brands and organizational culture. Now he works with a range of companies in integrated brand, culture development and emotional intelligence. He also mentors and advises executives from a number of leading New Zealand organizations.