Perl Hacks

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Perl Hacks
By   chromatic , Damian Conway, Curtis "Ovid" Poe
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: May 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-596-52674-1
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-59-652674-0
Pages: 296

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With more than a million dedicated programmers, Perl has proven to be
the best computing language for the latest trends in computing and
business. While other languages have stagnated, Perl remains fresh
thanks to its community-based development model, which encourages the
sharing of information among users. This tradition of knowledge-sharing
allows developers to find answers to almost any Perl question they can
dream up.

And you can find many of those answers right here in Perl Hacks. Like all books in O'Reilly's "Hacks" series, Perl Hacks appeals to a variety of programmers, whether you're a experienced developer or a dabbler who simply enjoys exploring technology. Each hack is a short lesson - some are practical exercises that teach you essential skills, while others merely illustrate some of the fun things that Perl can do. Most hacks have two parts: a direct answer to the immediate problem you need to solve right now and a deeper, subtler technique that you can adapt to other situations. Learn how to add CPAN shortcuts to the Firefox web browser, read files backwards, write graphical games in Perl, and much more.

For your convenience, Perl Hacks is divided by topic - not according to
any sense of relative difficulty - so you can skip around and stop at any hack you like. Chapters include:

  • Productivity Hacks

  • User Interaction

  • Data Munging

  • Working with Modules

  • Object Hacks

  • Debugging

Whether you're a newcomer or an expert, you'll find great value in Perl
Hacks, the only Perl guide that offers something
useful and fun for everyone.

book cover
Perl Hacks
By   chromatic , Damian Conway, Curtis "Ovid" Poe
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: May 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-596-52674-1
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-59-652674-0
Pages: 296

Table of Contents  | Index

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        Chapter 1.  Productivity Hacks
      Hack 1.  Add CPAN Shortcuts to Firefox
      Hack 2.  Put Perldoc to Work
      Hack 3.  Browse Perl Docs Online
      Hack 4.  Make the Most of Shell Aliases
      Hack 5.  Autocomplete Perl Identifiers in Vim
      Hack 6.  Use the Best Emacs Mode for Perl
      Hack 7.  Enforce Local Style
      Hack 8.  Don't Save Bad Perl
      Hack 9.  Automate Checkin Code Reviews
      Hack 10.  Run Tests from Within Vim
      Hack 11.  Run Perl from Emacs
        Chapter 2.  User Interaction
      Hack 12.  Use $EDITOR As Your UI
      Hack 13.  Interact Correctly on the Command Line
      Hack 14.  Simplify Your Terminal Interactions
      Hack 15.  Alert Your Mac
      Hack 16.  Interactive Graphical Apps
      Hack 17.  Collect Configuration Information
      Hack 18.  Rewrite the Web
        Chapter 3.  Data Munging
      Hack 19.  Treat a File As an Array
      Hack 20.  Read Files Backwards
      Hack 21.  Use Any Spreadsheet As a Data Source
      Hack 22.  Factor Out Database Code
      Hack 23.  Build a SQL Library
      Hack 24.  Query Databases Dynamically Without SQL
      Hack 25.  Bind Database Columns
      Hack 26.  Iterate and Generate Expensive Data
      Hack 27.  Pull Multiple Values from an Iterator
        Chapter 4.  Working with Modules
      Hack 28.  Shorten Long Class Names
      Hack 29.  Manage Module Paths
      Hack 30.  Reload Modified Modules
      Hack 31.  Create Personal Module Bundles
      Hack 32.  Manage Module Installations
      Hack 33.  Presolve Module Paths
      Hack 34.  Create a Standard Module Toolkit
      Hack 35.  Write Demos from Tutorials
      Hack 36.  Replace Bad Code from the Outside
      Hack 37.  Drink to the CPAN
      Hack 38.  Improve Exceptional Conditions
      Hack 39.  Search CPAN Modules Locally
      Hack 40.  Package Standalone Perl Applications
      Hack 41.  Create Your Own Lexical Warnings
      Hack 42.  Find and Report Module Bugs
        Chapter 5.  Object Hacks
      Hack 43.  Turn Your Objects Inside Out
      Hack 44.  Serialize Objects (Mostly) for Free
      Hack 45.  Add Information with Attributes
      Hack 46.  Make Methods Really Private
      Hack 47.  Autodeclare Method Arguments
      Hack 48.  Control Access to Remote Objects
      Hack 49.  Make Your Objects Truly Polymorphic
      Hack 50.  Autogenerate Your Accessors
        Chapter 6.  Debugging
      Hack 51.  Find Compilation Errors Fast
      Hack 52.  Make Invisible Characters Apparent
      Hack 53.  Debug with Test Cases
      Hack 54.  Debug with Comments
      Hack 55.  Show Source Code on Errors
      Hack 56.  Deparse Anonymous Functions
      Hack 57.  Name Your Anonymous Subroutines
      Hack 58.  Find a Subroutine's Source
      Hack 59.  Customize the Debugger
        Chapter 7.  Developer Tricks
      Hack 60.  Rebuild Your Distributions
      Hack 61.  Test with Specifications
      Hack 62.  Segregate Developer and User Tests
      Hack 63.  Run Tests Automatically
      Hack 64.  See Test Failure Diagnostics in Color!
      Hack 65.  Test Live Code
      Hack 66.  Cheat on Benchmarks
      Hack 67.  Build Your Own Perl
      Hack 68.  Run Test Suites Persistently
      Hack 69.  Simulate Hostile Environments in Your Tests
        Chapter 8.  Know Thy Code
      Hack 70.  Understand What Happens When
      Hack 71.  Inspect Your Data Structures
      Hack 72.  Find Functions Safely
      Hack 73.  Know What's Core and When
      Hack 74.  Trace All Used Modules
      Hack 75.  Find All Symbols in a Package
      Hack 76.  Peek Inside Closures
      Hack 77.  Find All Global Variables
      Hack 78.  Introspect Your Subroutines
      Hack 79.  Find Imported Functions
      Hack 80.  Profile Your Program Size
      Hack 81.  Reuse Perl Processes
      Hack 82.  Trace Your Ops
      Hack 83.  Write Your Own Warnings
        Chapter 9.  Expand Your Perl Foo
      Hack 84.  Double Your Data with Dualvars
      Hack 85.  Replace Soft References with Real Ones
      Hack 86.  Optimize Away the Annoying Stuff
      Hack 87.  Lock Down Your Hashes
      Hack 88.  Clean Up at the End of a Scope
      Hack 89.  Invoke Functions in Odd Ways
      Hack 90.  Glob Those Sequences
      Hack 91.  Write Less Error-Checking Code
      Hack 92.  Return Smarter Values
      Hack 93.  Return Active Values
      Hack 94.  Add Your Own Perl Syntax
      Hack 95.  Modify Semantics with a Source Filter
      Hack 96.  Use Shared Libraries Without XS
      Hack 97.  Run Two Services on a Single TCP Port
      Hack 98.  Improve Your Dispatch Tables
      Hack 99.  Track Your Approximations
      Hack 100.  Overload Your Operators
      Hack 101.  Learn from Obfuscations