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Special Edition Using® Microsoft® Office FrontPage® 2003
By Jim Cheshire, Paul Colligan
Publisher: Que
Pub Date: November 20, 2003
ISBN: 0-7897-2954-7
Pages: 992

This book captures the reality of designing Web sites with FrontPage today. The emphasis is on how to design professional looking sites, how to keep them current with effective content management techniques, and how to do both while working toward the crucial goals of strong communication and interaction.

The Designing section of the book takes you through all of FrontPage's features, which is of great value, whether you're a beginning or advanced user. Everything about the software is covered, with increased emphasis in this edition on advanced topics such as scripting, databases, and the design of site interaction. The creation of effective interaction is featured throughout the book, as are the principles of effective communication. The next section, FrontPage Scenarios, takes you stage-by-stage through the design of specific sites, ranging from personal sites to creating and managing a corporate intranet.

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Special Edition Using® Microsoft® Office FrontPage® 2003
By Jim Cheshire, Paul Colligan
Publisher: Que
Pub Date: November 20, 2003
ISBN: 0-7897-2954-7
Pages: 992
   Troubleshooting Table of Contents
   About the Authors
   We Want to Hear from You!
   Introduction: A Better FrontPage
      Why This Is the Only FrontPage 2003 Book You Need
      FrontPage 2003: A Major Upgrade
      A Short History of FrontPage
      FrontPage and the Competition
      The Future of Web Design
      Meet Your Authors
      How This Book Is Organized
   Part I.  FrontPage 2003: An Overview
      Chapter 1.  What's New in FrontPage 2003
      Three Areas of Focus: Designing, Coding, and Extending
      Design Changes
      Coding Changes
      Extending FrontPage 2003
      Also Worth Noting
      Front and Center: A Better Product Provides Better Results
      Chapter 2.  FrontPage 2003—A Complete Tour
      About The "Tour"
      Creating and Editing Web Content
      Web Site Creation Tools
      Advanced Page Design
      Scripting, DHTML, and Dynamic Content
      Working with Databases and XML
      Integration with Office 2003
      FrontPage and Web Graphics
      Integrating FrontPage with Other Systems and Products
      Front and Center: A Sum Far Greater Than the Parts
   Part II.  Creating and Editing Web Content
      Chapter 3.  FrontPage's Views
      About FrontPage Views
      Working with Page Related Views
      Using Site Related Views
      Front and Center: Views Matter
      Chapter 4.  Developing the Basic Page: Page Properties, Text, Lists, and Hyperlinks
      Elements of Good Page Design
      Configuring Page Properties
      Entering and Formatting Text
      Numbered and Bulleted Lists
      Inserting and Formatting Hyperlinks
      Spell Check and Other Text Tools
      Previewing Site Content in a Browser
      Front and Center: Learning from FrontPage
      Chapter 5.  The Improved Find and Replace
      Improvements in Find and Replace
      Finding and Replacing Text
      Find and Replace in HTML Tags
      Saving Find and Replace Queries
      Front and Center: Reusable Queries
      Chapter 6.  Enhancing Pages with Graphics and Multimedia
      Adding Graphic and Multimedia Elements Using FrontPage 2003
      Working with Clip Art
      Manipulating Clip Art Using the Pictures Toolbar
      Saving Your New Image
      Creating Image Maps
      Images from Other Sources
      Inserting and Configuring Flash Movies
      Inserting and Configuring Video and Audio Files
      Front and Center: Graphics, Multimedia, and the Web
      Chapter 7.  Using Themes
      Why Use Themes?
      Themes Versus Templates
      What's New with FrontPage 2003 Themes?
      Applying an Existing Theme
      Creating New Themes
      Front and Center: Should You Use Themes?
      Chapter 8.  FrontPage's Navigation Tools and Elements
      The Big Picture
      Understanding FrontPage Navigation Elements
      Working with a Site in Navigation View
      Navigational Elements: Building Bars and Menus
      Alternatives to Using FrontPage Navigation
      Creating Page Banners
      Front and Center: Navigation Power and Building a Site in Navigation View First
      Chapter 9.  Using Web Components, Shared Borders, and Link Bars
      Using Web Components
      Working with Shared Borders
      Front and Center: Choosing the Right Tool for the Job
      Chapter 10.  Using Tables
      Tables and Frontpage 2003
      Using Tables in Design
      How Tables Work in Frontpage
      Using Layout Tables
      Considerations for Using Layout Tables and Cells
      Fun with Tables and Cells
      Front and Center: Should You Table the Layout Table?
      Chapter 11.  Enhancing Web Sites with Frames
      Use of Frames in Web Design
      Creating and Managing Frames and Framesets
      Working with Inline Frames
      Alternatives to Frames
      Front and Center: The Great Frames "Controversy"
      Chapter 12.  FrontPage's Accessibility Features
      Accessibility on the Web
      What Makes a Site Accessible?
      Common Accessibility Problems
      Checking a Site for Accessibility Problems
      Where to Go for Additional Information and Support
      Front and Center: Why Is Accessibility Such a Big Deal?
   Part III.  Creating Web Sites with FrontPage
      Chapter 13.  Creating a Web Site
      What Is a Web Site?
      Creating a Disk-based Web Site
      FrontPage Server Extensions and Windows SharePoint Services
      Creating a Server-based Web Site
      Server-based or Disk-based?
      Where Are Your Files Created on a Server-based Site?
      Front and Center: User Rights and FrontPage Server Extensions
      Chapter 14.  FrontPage's Web Templates, Wizards, and Packages
      Comparison of Web Templates, Wizards, and Packages
      Using FrontPage 2003 Web Site Templates
      Using Web Page Templates in FrontPage 2003
      Working with Web Packages in FrontPage 2003
      FrontPage Center: Should You Use Web Templates?
      Chapter 15.  Opening and Working with Existing Web Sites
      FrontPage 2003 and Web Site Management: An Overview
      Working with Local Web Sites
      Working with Remote Web Sites
      Working with Windows SharePoint Services
      Front and Center: The Power of Open Sites and Dead Extensions
      Chapter 16.  Publishing a FrontPage Web Site
      A Birdseye View of Publishing
      Where to Host Your Site
      Preparing to Publish Your Web Site
      Server Types in FrontPage 2003
      Optimizing HTML
      Configuring the Publish Settings
      Remote Web Site View—Publishing Web Sites
      Front and Center: Removing Unused Files
      Chapter 17.  Security and Administration of a Web Site
      Server Extensions Configuration and Administration
      FrontPage Client Configuration
      Site Administration
      Virtual Server Administration
      Server Administration
      Front and Center: Configuring Server Extensions Using Command-Line Properties
   Part IV.  Advanced Page Design Concepts
      Chapter 18.  Using Forms
      Sending Form Results to a File and Email
      Form Field Validation
      Sending Form Results to a Database
      Front and Center: Creating Your Own Form Handler
      Chapter 19.  Using Style Sheets to Format Web Pages
      Understanding Cascading Style Sheets
      Working with External Style Sheets
      Using Embedded Style Sheets
      Using Inline Styles
      Creating and Using CSS Classes
      Front and Center: More Pseudo-Elements
   Part V.  Scripting, Dynamic HTML, and Dynamic Content
      Chapter 20.  Dynamic Web Templates
      An Overview of Dynamic Web Templates
      Creating Dynamic Web Templates
      Attaching a Dynamic Web Template to a Page
      Editing a Dynamic Web Template
      Detaching Dynamic Web Templates
      Changing Code in an Attached Web Page
      Front and Center
      Chapter 21.  Making Your Pages and Sites More Dynamic
      Dynamic Effects
      Using Collapsible Outlines
      Using Page Transitions
      Using DHTML Effects
      Hit Counters, Time Stamps, and other Dynamic Controls
      Front and Center: The Truly Dynamic Site
      Chapter 22.  Using Interactive Buttons
      Interactive Buttons in FrontPage
      Inserting and Configuring an Interactive Button
      Front and Center: How Interactive Buttons Work
      Chapter 23.  Using Behaviors
      Understanding and Working with Behaviors
      FrontPage Behaviors
      Front and Center: Detecting Browsers
      Chapter 24.  Client-side Scripting
      A History of Browser Scripting
      JavaScript Basics
      The Document Object Model
      Writing Simple Scripts
      Front and Center: Debugging
      Chapter 25.  Using Layers
      Introduction to Layers
      Inserting and Configuring Layers
      Positioning Layers
      Setting Layer Properties with Behaviors
      Front and Center: Building Nested Menu Systems
   Part VI.  Working with Code
      Chapter 26.  Working in Code View and Split View
      Editing HTML and Script
      Using the IntelliSense Feature
      Color Coding HTML and Scripting Code
      Code Formatting Options
      Front and Center: Saving Customized HTML Tags
      Chapter 27.  Editing Code with Quick Tag Tools
      Overview of the Quick Tag Tools
      Selecting Code with the Quick Tag Selector
      Editing Code with the Quick Tag Editor
      Front and Center: Why Use Quick Tag Tools?
      Chapter 28.  Using Code Snippets
      The Code Snippets Tool
      Working with Code Snippets
      Using Code Snippets to Speed Up Design
      Front and Center: Never Underestimate the Power of a Snippet
      Chapter 29.  Optimizing FrontPage's HTML
      FrontPage and HTML
      Using the Optimize HTML Dialog Box
      Optimizing HTML at Publish Time
      Reformatting HTML
      Browser Compatibility Check
      Front and Center: Much Ado About Anything?
      Chapter 30.  Working with VBA and FrontPage
      Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic for Applications
      Accessing Web Sites with VBA
      Writing a Macro
      Front and Center: Using Events and VBA
   Part VII.  Web Collaboration
      Chapter 31.  Managing Team Development Projects
      The Team Development Process
      Developing the Team
      Deciding on the Platform
      Servers and the Development Process
      Front and Center: Working Well in a Team Environment
      Chapter 32.  Collaboration with FrontPage 2003
      Developing a Collaborative Authoring Environment
      The Role of the Manager
      Choosing the Right Technology
      Establishing a Workflow
      The Development Environment
      Checking Documents In and Out
      Document Check In/Out with Visual SourceSafe
      Assigning Documents
      Project Assessment
      The Role of the Developer
      Front and Center: Collaboration Versus Communication
      Chapter 33.  Managing Workflow and Tasks in the Design Process
      Assessing Your Site
      Using Site Reporting
      Responding to Reported Problems
      Damage Control
      Front and Center: Being an Effective Project Manager
   Part VIII.  Accessing Data with FrontPage 2003
      Chapter 34.  Types of Data Used with FrontPage: An Overview
      Understanding Database Technologies
      XML Data Sources
      Using Web Parts
      SharePoint Lists
      SharePoint Libraries
      Understanding Server-side Scripts
      XML Web Services
      Front and Center: Real-world Uses for Databases
      Chapter 35.  Data Access Technologies
      Understanding Active Server Pages (ASP)
      Using ASP.NET
      Front and Center: Developing ASP.NET with Web Matrix
      Chapter 36.  FrontPage's Data Toolset
      Introduction to the Database Results Wizard and Database Interface Wizard
      An Overview of the Data Source Catalog and Web Parts
      Front and Center: Data Sources Through a Firewall
      Chapter 37.  FrontPage and Databases
      Creating a Database Connection
      Using the Database Results Wizard
      Working with the Database Interface Wizard
      Front and Center: Password Protecting Pages of Your Choice
      Chapter 38.  FrontPage and Web Parts
      The Data Source Catalog
      Inserting a Data View
      Configuring a Data View and Web Parts
      Connecting Web Parts
      Front and Center: Formatting with XPath
   Part IX.  Integrating FrontPage 2003 with Office 2003
      Chapter 39.  Working with Microsoft Word
      Word and FrontPage 2003
      Copying Word Content into FrontPage
      The Microsoft Word Web Layout View
      Word Content as HTML
      Working with Word Documents in FrontPage
      Front and Center: A Few Words on Word
      Chapter 40.  Working with Microsoft Excel and Frontpage
      Methods for Inserting Excel Data into Frontpage
      Preparing an Excel Spreadsheet for Frontpage
      Inserting Excel Data with the Database Results Wizard
      Inserting Excel Data with the Office Web Components
      Front and Center: More Ways to Look at Data
      Chapter 41.  Working with Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
      Inserting PowerPoint Content into Your Web Site
      Saving PowerPoint Presentations for Use on the Web
      Front and Center: Does PowerPoint "Translate"?
      Chapter 42.  Working with Microsoft Publisher
      Creating Web Sites with Publisher
      Moving Publisher Content into FrontPage
      Front and Center: Should You Use Publisher?
   Part X.  Creating and Adapting Graphics for the Web
      Chapter 43.  Color Concepts and Web Design
      Color Theory
      Working with Elements of Color
      Web Color Technology
      Special Concerns
      Colors in FrontPage 2003
      Creating a Color-Savvy Template
      Front and Center: Color and the Real World
      Chapter 44.  Web Graphic Formats
      Understanding Graphic Formats
      Using Vector Formats
      Graphic Optimization
      Additional Graphic Techniques
      Special Concerns
      Converting Between Formats
      Front and Center: Setting Standards
      Chapter 45.  Creating Professional Web Graphics
      Putting Images on Your Pages
      Obtaining Images for Your Site
      Creating Your Own Web Graphics
      Front and Center: Moderation
      Chapter 46.  Using FrontPage's Image Tracing Feature
      Image Tracing
      Working with the Image Tracing Tool
      Transfer a Design with the Tracing Image Tool
      Other Uses for the Image Tracing Tool
      Front and Center: A Few Things to Consider
      Chapter 47.  FrontPage and Graphics Tools
      An Overview of Graphic Options
      Configuring FrontPage for Your Graphics Application
      Resizing Images
      Designing Graphics for Your Web Site
      Creating Web Banners
      Front and Center: Graphics for the Artistically Challenged
   Part XI.  Appendixes
      Appendix A.  FrontPage Resources Online
      FrontPage Information Online
      Microsoft's Offerings
      Other FrontPage Related Web Sites
      Newsgroups and Discussion Boards
      Web Sources for FrontPage Add Ons
      ASP and .NET Resources
      Windows SharePoint Services Resources
      Other Sites Worth Noting
      Appendix B.  FrontPage and E-Commerce
      A Brief Look at E-Commerce
      Integrating FrontPage with E-Commerce Elements
      E-Commerce Products that Integrate Directly with FrontPage
      Other Options to Consider
      Online Payment Processing Options
      Where to Go for More Information
      Credit Card Fraud
      Finding the Right Host
      Front and Center: Designing for Sales
      Appendix C.  Windows SharePoint Services 2.0
      Using a Windows SharePoint Services Web Site
      An Overview of Windows SharePoint Services 2.0
      Installing Windows SharePoint Services
      Front and Center: Windows SharePoint Services Surveys
      Appendix D.  Making Your Own Web Components
      What Is a Web Component?
      Web Component Architecture
      Front and Center: Building a Web Component
   License Agreement
   What's on the CD-ROM
      Windows Installation Instructions