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the a+ exams guide: (exam 220-301) (exam 220-302)
The A+ Exams Guide: (Exam 220-301) (Exam 220-302)
by Christopher A. Crayton  ISBN:1584503076
Charles River Media © 2004 (534 pages)

This no-nonsense preparatory guide covers Exams 220-301 & 220-302 for the CompTIA A+ certification exams. New material in this version includes wireless systems, Windows XP and ME, and rapidly changing network solutions.

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Table of Contents
The A+ Exams Guide—(Exam 220–301) (Exam 220–302)
Section I - A+ Core Hardware Service Technician Study (Exam 220-301)
Chapter 1- Introduction
Chapter 2- Motherboards, Power, BIOS, and Expansion Buses
Chapter 3- Processors and Cache
Chapter 4- Understanding Memory
Chapter 5- System Resources and Input Devices
Chapter 6- Basic Output Devices
Chapter 7- Storage Devices and Interfaces
Chapter 8- Cables, Connectors, and Ports
Chapter 9- Basic Networking
A+ Core Hardware Service Technician Test Taker’s Cumulative Practice Exam
Section II - A+ core Hardware Service Technician Cumulative Practice Exam
Chapter 10- Operating System Fundamentals and DOS
Chapter 11- Windows 9.x
Chapter 12- Windows NT
Chapter 13- Windows 2000
Chapter 14- Windows Me
Chapter 15- Windows XP
A+ Operating Systems Technologies Test Taker’s Cumulative Practice Exam
About The Cd-Rom
Acronym Glossary
List of Figures
List of Tables
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The A+ Exams Guide: Exam 220-301 & Exam 220-302 is a completely updated version of Christopher A. Crayton’s popular, no-nonsense preparatory guide to the CompTIA A+ certification exams, now covering both the 2001 and 2003 tests. The new material includes information outlining updated hardware/software technologies such as wireless systems, Windows XP and ME, and rapidly changing network solutions. All topics are covered in detail, and focus specifically on allowing readers to easily pass the exam the first time, without overwhelming them with superfluous information. Crayton also discusses test-taking techniques, addressing the return to the conventional linear testing method, as opposed to the adaptive format of previous years.

About the Author

Christopher A. Crayton is a Comp TIA-certified instructor. Keiser College recognized him as their “Teacher of the Year” in 2000; now he serves as network administrator fro Protocol, an ECRM company. His past books include the best-selling A+ Adaptive Exams and The Security+ Exams Guide (Charles River Media).

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The A+ Exams Guide-(Exam 220-301) (Exam 220-302)

Christopher A. Crayton

Charles River Media, Inc.
Hingham, Massachusetts

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All rights reserved.

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Christopher A. Crayton. The A+ Exams Guide: (Exam 220-301) (Exam 220-302).

ISBN: 1-58450-307-6

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Crayton, Christopher A.
  The A+ exams guide : (exam 220-301), (exam 220-302) / Christopher A. Crayton.
      p.  cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
  ISBN 1-58450-307-6 (Paperback with CD-ROM : alk. paper)
  1. Computer networks-Examinations-Study guides.
2. Telecommunications engineers-Certification.  I. Title.
  TK5105.5.C735 2003

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Dedicated to all my students and all certification exam test takers who have the courage to change their lives by achieving certification success.

To Amanda Hutchinson, Nancy and Ken Crayton, Sean Reilly, Rickey Johnson, Jim Krick, and Rob Metty (Hawkeye)-thank you for your love, guidance, and support.


First and foremost, I would like to thank David Pallai, founder and president of Charles River Media, Inc. for directing another awesome project. My goal from the beginning of this series has been to provide the very best study tools for those seeking certification success. David has provided the dedication and support necessary to fulfill this goal.

Thank you to co-worker and software developer Mark Porter for the great design and creation of the excellent software-testing package included on the CD-ROM that accompanies this book. Its design, ease of use, and accuracy display the many talents of a great developer.

Thank you to co-worker and technical illustrator Mr. Bear for the design and contribution of the technical illustrations included in this book. Their clarity, detail, and accuracy truly demonstrate the technical skills of their creator.

Very special thanks go to Steve Bleile, Vice President of Technology Operations for Protocol Marketing Group. Steve continues to be an awesome mentor as well as one of the greatest inspirations in my life.

For their contributions, encouragement, and tremendous support throughout the creation process of this book, I would like to acknowledge a very special technical group of people for their contributions: Zachary Fawley, Michael Cooke, Analin Alvarado, Julie Peirce, and Michael Suhrbier.

I would also like thank Brian King, Director of Information Technology at Sarasota Marketing Group for his advice and patience. And, thank you to Jim Morris for all of his help.

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