Retro Gaming Hacks

book cover
Retro Gaming Hacks
By Chris Kohler
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: October 2005
ISBN: 0-596-00917-8
Pages: 502

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Maybe it was the recent Atari 2600 milestone anniversary that fueled nostalgia for the golden days of computer and console gaming. Every Game Boy must ponder his roots from time to time. But whatever is driving the current retro gaming craze, one thing is certain: classic games are back for a big second act, and they're being played in both old and new ways.

Whether you've just been attacked by Space Invaders for the first time or you've been a Pong junkie since puberty, Chris Kohler's Retro Gaming Hacks is the indispensable new guide to playing and hacking classic games. Kohler has complied tons of how-to information on retro gaming that used to take days or weeks of web surfing to track down and sort through, and he presents it in the popular and highly readable Hacks style.

Retro Gaming Hacks serves up 85 hard-nosed hacks for reviving the classic games. Want to game on an original system? Kohler shows you how to hack ancient hardware, and includes a primer for home-brewing classic software. Rather adapt today's equipment to run retro games? Kohler provides emulation techniques, complete with instructions for hacking a classic joystick that's compatible with a contemporary computer. This book also teaches readers to revive old machines for the original gaming experience: hook up an Apple II or a Commodore 64, for example, and play it like you played before.

A video game journalist and author of Power Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life , Kohler has taught the history of video games at Tufts University. In Retro Gaming Hacks , he locates the convergence of classic games and contemporary software, revealing not only how to retrofit classic games for today's systems, but how to find the golden oldies hidden in contemporary programs as well.

Whether you're looking to recreate the magic of a Robotron marathon or simply crave a little handheld Donkey Kong, Retro Gaming Hacks shows you how to set the way-back dial.

book cover
Retro Gaming Hacks
By Chris  Kohler
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: October 2005
ISBN: 0-596-00917-8
Pages: 502

Table of Contents    Index

        About the Author
        Why Retro Gaming Hacks?
        How to Use This Book
        How This Book Is Organized
        Using Code Examples
        How to Contact Us
        Safari Enabled
        Got a Hack?
        Where to Read More
          Chapter 1.   Playing Retro Games
        Section 1.1.   Hacks 114: Introduction
        Hack  1.   Buy Retro Games
        Hack  2.   Collect Original "Pong" Systems
        Hack  3.   Buy and Run an Atari 2600
        Hack  4.   Buy and Run Later Classic Consoles
        Hack  5.   Play with Power: Set Up an NES
        Hack  6.   Make Your NES Work Like New
        Hack  7.   Take Your NES Games on the Go
        Hack  8.   Buy a Famicom from Japan
        Hack  9.   Buy Retro Games from Japan
        Hack  10.   Find, Fix, Play, and Emulate the Vectrex
        Hack  11.   Collect Classic Handhelds
        Hack  12.   Buy Your Own Arcade Hardware
        Hack  13.   Find the Holy Grails
        Hack  14.   Find Classic Games for Cheap
          Chapter 2.   Playing Neo-Retro Games
        Section 2.1.   Hacks 1519: Introduction
        Hack  15.   Play Retro Games in All-in-One Joysticks
        Hack  16.   Play Retro Games on Current Consoles
        Hack  17.   Play Retro Games on Older Systems
        Hack  18.   Play Contemporary Classics
        Hack  19.   Find and Play Hidden Classics
          Chapter 3.   Playing Arcade Games on Your Computer
        Hack  20.   Play Arcade Games Under Windows
        Hack  21.   Run Arcade Games on a Mac
        Hack  22.   Play Arcade Games Under Linux
        Hack  23.   Run MAME on the Xbox
        Hack  24.   Find Legal, Free MAME ROMs
        Hack  25.   Buy Legal MAME ROMs
        Hack  26.   Care for Your ROMs
        Hack  27.   Buy or Make Classic MAME Controllers
        Hack  28.   Add Sound to Your MAME Experience
        Hack  29.   Add Cabinet Art to MAME
        Hack  30.   Build a MAME Cabinet
        Hack  31.   Make a Self-Booting MAME Disc
        Hack  32.   Play MAME Anywhere
          Chapter 4.   Playing Classic Console Games
        Section 4.1.   Hacks 3352: Introduction
        Hack  33.   Emulate the Earliest Game Systems
        Hack  34.   Emulate the Atari 2600
        Hack  35.   Emulate the Intellivision
        Hack  36.   Emulate the Colecovision
        Hack  37.   Emulate the Atari 7800
        Hack  38.   Emulate the Nintendo Entertainment System on a PC
        Hack  39.   Run NES Emulators on the Mac
        Hack  40.   Run NES Emulators Under Linux
        Hack  41.   Emulate 16-Bit Systems in Windows
        Hack  42.   Emulate Other Classic Systems on the Mac
        Hack  43.   Emulate Other Classic Systems in Linux
        Section 4.13.  
        Hack  44.   Emulate the Game Boy on Your PC
        Hack  45.   Play Games on a Smartphone or PDA
        Hack  46.   Play Homebrews on Your GBA
        Hack  47.   Play Classic Systems on the GBA
        Hack  48.   Emulate Other Classic Portables
        Hack  49.   Retro-Hack the GP32
        Hack  50.   Retro-Hack the Dreamcast
        Hack  51.   Use Console Controllers on your PC
        Hack  52.   Use USB Gamepads Under Linux
          Chapter 5.   Playing with Early Personal Computers
        Section 5.1.   Hacks 5362: Introduction
        Hack  53.   Run the Apple ][
        Hack  54.   Trick Out Your Apple ][
        Hack  55.   Emulate the Apple ][
        Hack  56.   Become an Apple Guru
        Hack  57.   Run a Commodore 64
        Hack  58.   Emulate the Commodore 64
        Hack  59.   Emulate Other Classic Computers
        Hack  60.   Type in Classic Computer Games
        Hack  61.   Find Classic Computer Games
        Hack  62.   Emulate Classic Computers on the Dreamcast
          Chapter 6.   Playing with Text Adventures
        Section 6.1.   Hacks 6367: Introduction
        Hack  63.   Play Interactive Fiction in One Minute
        Hack  64.   Download and Play Text Adventures
        Hack  65.   Play the Best: Infocom Adventures
        Hack  66.   Get Covered in MUDs
        Hack  67.   Write Text Adventures with INFORM
          Chapter 7.   Playing with DOS
        Section 7.1.   Hacks 6871: Introduction
        Hack  68.   Run DOS Without Microsoft
        Hack  69.   Run DOS Games
        Hack  70.   Rediscover Classic DOS Games
        Hack  71.   Write a DOS Game
          Chapter 8.   Playing at Game Design
        Hack  72.   Design Games with ZZT
        Hack  73.   Use Freeware Game Creation Tools
        Hack  74.   Design Web-based Flash Games
        Hack  75.   Create Your Own Atari 2600 Homebrew Games
        Hack  76.   Program for the Game Boy Advance
        Hack  77.   Add Tiles and Sprites to Your GBA Game
        Hack  78.   Put Your Homebrews on Cartridges
        Hack  79.   Create Packaging for Homebrew Games
        Hack  80.   Create Your Own Adventure Game
          Chapter 9.   Playing Around with Other Neat Stuff
        Section 9.1.   Hacks 8185: Introduction
        Hack  81.   Learn the Patterns of Pac-Man
        Hack  82.   Show Off with Super Mario
        Hack  83.   Hack the Leisure Suit Larry Games
        Hack  84.   Play Retro Versions of Modern Games
        Hack  85.   Remix Your Retro Sounds