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programming microsoft 2.0 applications: advanced topics
Programming Microsoft ADO.NET 2.0 Applications: Advanced Topics
by Glenn Johnson 
Microsoft Press © 2006 (528 pages)

Targeting experienced, professional software developers who design and develop enterprise applications, this authoritative reference delves into more than a dozen beyond-the-basics topics such as ObjectSpaces, the DataView control, and security issues.

Table of Contents
Programming Microsoft ADO.NET 2.0 Applications—Advanced Topics
Chapter 1 - Overview of ADO.NET Disconnected Classes
Chapter 2 - Overview of ADO.NET Connected Classes
Chapter 3 - ADO.NET Trace Logging
Chapter 4 - Advanced Connectivity to the Data Store
Chapter 5 - Working with Disconnected Data
Chapter 6 - Working with Relational Disconnected Data
Chapter 7 - Working with the Windows Data Grid Control
Chapter 8 - Working with the Web Data Grid Control
Chapter 9 - Working with the SQLCLR
Chapter 10 - Understanding Transactions
Chapter 11 - Retrieving Metadata
Chapter 12 - Data Caching for Performance
Chapter 13 - Implementing Security
Chapter 14 - Working with Large Objects (LOBs, BLOBs, and CLOBs)
Chapter 15 - Working with XML Data


Programming Microsoft ADO.NET 2.0 Applications—Advanced Topics

Glenn Johnson

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I dedicate this book to my lovely wife, Susan Johnson, a source of love, happiness, and stability even in the most trying times. Sue, your love, wit, and perspective have provided me with the guidance that I have needed in life. I am looking forward to our rapidly approaching 25th wedding anniversary and the many more wonderful years that follow. I love you, Sue.

About the Author

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Glenn Johnson is a professional trainer whose experience spans the years from COBOL and assembly language to Microsoft .NET. Formerly the director of information technologies and technical support for Tyco International, Johnson now runs his own training, consulting, and development business. This is Glenn's second .NET-related book, and he has also developed courseware for and taught classes in many countries on the topics of Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft Visual Basic, .NET, C#, and .NET internals. Glenn holds the following Microsoft certifications: MCT, MCAD, MCSD, MCDBA, MCP + Site Building, MCSE + Internet, MCP + Internet, and MCSE.

Glenn's Web site can found at


To Kathleen Atkins, whose professionalism shone even as deadlines neared, thank you for your wonderful feedback and overwhelming interest in making this book successful.

Thanks to Kurt Meyer, whose technical perspective and guidance ensured consistency and conciseness in this book's text and sample code.

Pablo Castro, you are an amazing person. I always find your seminars provide an insightful perspective on real-world problems, with astounding solutions. Thank you very much for providing the foreword for this book.

Thanks to Ina Chang for her careful copy editing.

I would like to thank Lynn Finnel for her help and truly interesting advice and comments.

Thanks to Robert Lyon for his time and effort in helping to ensure the technical accuracy of this book.

I'd like to thank Ben Ryan for convincing me to write another book.

I would like to thank the Microsoft DataWorks, Visual Studio .NET, and SQL Server teams for providing the most flexible and powerful data access technologies in the world.

To everyone at Microsoft Press who has played a role in getting my book to the public, thank you for your hard work, and thanks for making this book venture a positive experience for me.