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google for dummies
Google for Dummies
byBrad Hill ISBN:0764544209
John Wiley & Sons 2003 (346 pages)

This simplified guide to using Google will teach you how to find search shortcuts, add-on tools, ways to customize Google, shop, play games, get news, go blogging, and much more.

Table of Contents
Google For Dummies
Part I - Taming Google
Chapter 1- Discovering All That Google Can Do
Chapter 2- Better Googling: Finding the Right Stuff
Chapter 3- Directory Trolling and News Browsing
Chapter 4- 800 Million Messages at Your Fingertips: Google Groups
Part II - Specialty Searching
Chapter 5- Shopping with Froogle and Google Catalogs
Chapter 6- Searching the Specialty Categories
Chapter 7- Searching for Answers
Chapter 8- Experimenting in Google Labs
Part III - Putting Google to Work for You
Chapter 9- Google on Your Browser
Chapter 10- Googling in Tongues
Chapter 11- Using Google AdWords
Chapter 12- Bringing Google and Its Users to Your Site
Part IV - Tricks, Games, and Alternatives to Google
Chapter 13- Hosting a Weblog with Google’s Blogger
Chapter 14- Alternatives to Google
Chapter 15- Twisted Googling and Google Games
Part V - The Part of Tens
Chapter 16- Ten Google Tricks
Chapter 17- Ten More Google Tricks
Chapter 18- Ten Sites about Google
Google For Dummies Cheat Sheet
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Sure, you know it searches, but all the other things Google can do will leave you, well, google-eyed. So journey into the heart of Google and then to its outer limits with this friendly guide! Discover how you can use Google to get the news, go shopping, build your business, play games, find phone numbers, and even go blogging.

About the Author

Brad Hill has written fourteen books and numerous articles about technology, cyber-cultural trends, and online destinations. He has appeared on CNN, the Business News Network, and Online Tonight.

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Google For Dummies

by Brad Hill

Published by
Wiley Publishing, Inc.
111 River Street
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About the Author

Brad Hill has worked in the online field since 1992 and is regarded as a preeminent advocate of the online experience. As a best-selling author of books and in his columns, Hill reaches a global audience of consumers who rely on his writings to help determine their online service choices.

Brad’s books include a Publishers Weekly bestseller and a Book-of-the-Month catalog selection. Brad’s titles in the For Dummies series include Internet Searching For Dummies, Internet Directory For Dummies, and Yahoo! For Dummies. In other venues, Brad writes about cybercultural trends, digital music, virtual investing, and all sorts of online destinations.

Brad is often consulted in the media’s coverage of the Internet. He appears on television and radio Webcasts and is quoted in publications such as Business Week, The New York Times, and PC World.

Brad doesn’t get outdoors much. Sunshine baffles him. As compensation, he is listed in Who’s Who and is a member of The Authors Guild.


To my wife, Ann, whose loving support made this book possible.

Author’s Acknowledgments

Every book is a partnership of author and editor. Susan Pink is the editor of this book and a collaborator in other projects as well. Her keenness, careful reading, and incisive comments shine through every paragraph . . . except for the one that I hid from her. You’ll know it when you see it. Besides being an unusually fine editor who makes me look a lot better than I would without her, Susan has a gift for remaining calm during the most intense deadline crises. She also laughs at all the right times.

Allen Wyatt had the challenging job of technical editor. His insights, in this and other books, are invaluable.

Melody Layne at Wiley Publishing nursed this project from the start, getting it off the ground quickly and helping shape its focus. I’m very thankful.

Mary Corder pulled me into the For Dummies family several years ago, and is a delightful friend. She is so sick of seeing her name pop up in my acknowledgments. But I am forever grateful, so she’ll have to deal with it.

Many thanks to all the copy editors and production experts who pored over every page of the manuscript.

Finally, I’d like to thank the Academy and my directory, Steven Spielberg, without whom — oops, wrong speech.

Publisher’s Acknowledgments

We’re proud of this book; please send us your comments through our online registration form located at

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Susan Pink

Acquisitions Editor
Melody Layne

Technical Editor
Allen Wyatt, Discovery Computing Inc.

Editorial Manager
Carol Sheehan

Media Development Supervisor
Richard Graves

Editorial Assistant
Amanda Foxworth

Rich Tennant,


Project Coordinator
Kristie Rees

Layout and Graphics
Jennifer Click
Seth Conley
Joyce Haughey
LeAndra Hosier
Lynsey Osborn
Jacque Schneider
Shae Lywn Wilson

John Tyler Connoley
Andy Hollandbeck
Dwight Ramsey

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Joyce Pepple, Acquisitions Director

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Gerry Fahey, Vice President of Production Services

Debbie Stailey, Director of Composition Services

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