The Macintosh iLife 06

book cover
The Macintosh iLife '06
By Jim Heid
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: May 23, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-42654-1
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-42654-3
Pages: 408

Table of Contents  | Index

The definitive iLife reference, completely updated and revised. The Macintosh iLife '06 is the ultimate iLife learning experience, a lavishly illustrated handbook packed with easy-to-follow instructions, essential technical background, and tips for iLife users of all levels. • Shop 'til you drop at the iTunes Music Store • Take your iPod beyond musicwatch videos, view photos, store contacts and calendars, and more • Improve your photography and video-shooting techniques • Create spectacular slide shows, photo books, calendars, and greeting cards • Refine your photos to perfection with iPhoto 6 • Share photos via email, Web albums, and cutting-edge photocasts • Explore the latest video formats with iMovie HD • Record and arrange your own music with GarageBand • Create and publish your own Web sites, blogs, and podcasts • Preserve the past: digitize old records, photos, and movies Each two-page spread is a self-contained tutorial or set of tips. Everything you need is at your fingertips, and every page is updated for iLife '06. The Web site: Get updates, tips, and much more at this book's companion Web site, Jim Heid is one of the most admired writers and instructors in the Mac community. A contributing editor of Macworld magazine since 1984, he has been using and teaching each of the programs in the iLife suite since its debut.

book cover
The Macintosh iLife '06
By Jim Heid
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: May 23, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-42654-1
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-42654-3
Pages: 408

Table of Contents  | Index

   About the Author
   Preface to the iLife '06 Edition
   Introducing iLife
      Personal Computers Get Personal
      A Sampling of the Possibilities
      Where the Mac Fits In
      No Medium is an Island
      iLife Keeps You Connected
      Putting the Pieces Together
      Outfitting Your Mac for Digital Media
    Chapter 1.  iTunes and iPod: Music and More
      iTunes at a Glance
      Importing Music from CDs
      Choosing an Audio Format
      Fine-Tuning Compression Settings
      How Audio Compression Works
      Editing Song Information
      Shopping at the iTunes Music Store
      From Browsing to Buying
      Buying and Watching Videos
      Tuning In to Podcasts
      Tips for the Music Store
      More Tips for the Music Store
      Giving the Gift of Music
      Sequencing Songs with Playlists
      Playlist Tips
      iMix: Publishing Your Playlists
      Smart Playlists: iTunes as DJ
      A Cookbook of Smart Playlists
      Find that Tune: Searching and Browsing
      Improving Sound Quality with the Equalizer
      Burning Audio CDs
      Tips for Your Burning Endeavors
      Finishing Touches: Printing Case Inserts and More
      Sharing Music on a Network
      Tuning In to Internet Radio
      Recording Internet Radio and More
      Converting Old Tapes and Albums
      iTunes and Your Stereo
      Tips for Playing Music
      Surprise Me: Shuffle Playback Options
      Tips for Customizing and More
      Tips for the iTunes Library
      Adding On: Scripts and Beyond
      Books on Bytes: Listening to Audiobooks
      iPod: Portable Music and More
      The Full-Sized iPods
      The Compact iPods: mini and nano
      The Littlest iPod: shuffle
      Viewing Photos on Your iPod
      Video and Your iPod
      Setting iPod Preferences
      iPod Tips
      More iPod Tips
      iPod as Address Book and More
      iPod as Calendar: Using iCal
      Accessories for the Fully Powered iPod
    Chapter 2.  iPhoto and Digital Photography
      iPhoto at a Glance
      The Essentials of Digital Imaging
      Importing Photos from a Camera
      More Ways to Import Photos
      After the Import: Getting Organized
      Browsing Your Photo Library
      Working with Rolls
      Assigning Keywords and Ratings
      Searching by Keywords
      Creating Albums
      Tips for Working with Albums
      Creating Smart Albums
      Basic Photo Editing
      Enhancing and Retouching Photos
      Applying Effects to Photos
      Advanced Editing and the Adjust Panel
      Adjusting Exposure and Levels
      Changing a Photo's Colors
      Sharpening Strategies
      The Big Picture: Full-Screen Editing
      Editing Tips
      Shooting in Raw Mode
      Working with Raw Images
      Using iPhoto with Photoshop
      Slide Shows: iPhoto as Projector
      Beyond the Basic Slide Show
      Slide Show Tips
      Sharing Photos via Email
      Sharing Photos via Photocasts
      Photocasting Tips
      More Internet Sharing Options
      Sharing Photos on a Network
      Printing Photos
      Printing Tips and Troubleshooting
      Ordering Prints
      More Printing Options
      Creating Photo Books
      Planning for Publishing
      Book Layout Techniques
      Tips for Creating Books
      More Tips for Creating Books
      Creating a Photo Calendar
      Tips for Creating Calendars
      Creating Greeting Cards and Postcards
      More Ways to Share Photos
      Burning Photos to CDs and DVDs
      Creating and Managing Photo Libraries
      Getting Old Photos into iPhoto
      iPhoto Tips
      More iPhoto Tips
      Mastering Your Digital Camera
      Tips for Better Digital Photography
      Go Wide: Shooting Panoramas
    Chapter 3.  iMovie HD: Making Movies
      iMovie HD at a Glance
      The Essentials of Movie Making
      A Short Lesson in Video Formats
      Importing DV and HDV Video
      Working with Clips
      Timeline Techniques: Adding Clips to a Movie
      Advanced Timeline Techniques
      Creating Cutaways
      Adding Photos to Movies
      Working with the Ken Burns Effect
      Advanced Ken Burns Techniques
      Adding Audio to Movies
      Tips for Recording Better Sound
      Working with Audio Tracks
      Applying Audio Filters and Effects
      More Sound Advice
      Adding Transitions
      Creating Titles
      Adding Effects
      Adding Sizzle and Structure with Themes
      Magic iMovie: Editing on Autopilot
      Working in Other Video Formats
      It's a Wrap: Exporting to Tape
      Creating Chapter Markers
      Go Small: Internet and iPod Movies
      More Ways to Share Movies
      Fun with Freeze Frames
      iMovie HD Tips
      More iMovie HD Tips
      Tips for Making Better Movies
      Creating Time-lapse Movies and Animation
    Chapter 4.  iDVD: Putting it All Together
      iDVD at a Glance
      Choosing and Customizing Themes
      Working with Drop Zones
      Adding Movies to Your DVD
      Creating DVD Slide Shows
      Refining a Slide Show
      Making a Magic iDVD
      Planning and Creating Menus
      Customizing Menus
      More Design Tips
      Navigating and Authoring with Map View
      Adding DVD-ROM Content
      Burning Your DVD
      Burning Tips
      iDVD Tips
      More iDVD Tips
    Chapter 5.  GarageBand: Music, Podcasts, and More
      GarageBand at a Glance
      How to Be a Songwriter
      Two Types of Tracks
      Working with Loops
      Working with Tracks and Regions
      Transposing and Creating Chord Changes
      Recording Software Instruments
      Editing Software Instrument Regions
      More Region Editing Techniques
      Recording an Audio Source
      More Audio Techniques
      Refining Your Sound with Effects
      Refining the Mix: Volume and Panning
      Creating the Final Mix
      Arranging Tips
      Expanding Your Loop Library
      Creating Your Own Instruments
      Optimizing GarageBand's Performance
      Creating a Podcast at a Glance
      Podcast Production Techniques
      Enhancing Your Podcast
      Podcasting Tips
      Scoring Movies with GarageBand
    Chapter 6.  iWeb: Your World on the Web
      iWeb at a Glance
      Creating a Web Site
      Page Design Basics
      Working with Text
      Working with Graphics
      Customizing Page Backgrounds
      Creating a Photo Album
      Creating a Blog
      Publishing Your Site
      iWeb Tips
   Reviewers and Readers RavePraise for Previous Editions of The Macintosh iLife.