Certified Macromedia Flash MX Designer Study Guide

Certified Macromedia Flash MX Designer Study Guide
By Christopher Hayes
Publisher : Peachpit Press
Pub Date : November 21, 2002
ISBN : 0-321-12695-5
Pages : 136

You know how to design with Macromedia Flash MX, you just don't know if you know enough to pass the Certified Macromedia Flash MX Designer exam. Rather than start from scratch with a tutorial that covers more than you need to know, get exactly the information you need with the Certified Macromedia Flash MX Designer Study Guide.

The Certified Macromedia Flash MX Designer Study Guide is not strictly intended to teach Flash design; rather, it works as a review and study guide for Macromedia Flash designers looking to pass the Certified Flash MX Designer exam. With this handy study guide, you'll brush up on how to design, structure, and optimize for the most efficient Macromedia Flash MX animations possible. Written by one of the designers who helped to create the 70-question multiple-choice exam, the book explains each subject with clear, direct language and extensive examples and illustrations. Each subject also comes with sample questions that allow you to test your knowledge.

Certified Macromedia Flash MX Designer Study Guide
By Christopher Hayes
Publisher : Peachpit Press
Pub Date : November 21, 2002
ISBN : 0-321-12695-5
Pages : 136
    About the Author
      What Is the Certified Flash Designer Exam?
      The Macromedia Certified Professional Program
      Reasons to Get Certified
      About the Exam
      How to Use This Book
      Where to Go From Here
    Part 1.  Flash MX Basic Requirements:Project Architecture, Page and Interface Layout
      Chapter 1.  Page and Interface Layout
      The Flash Interface
      Introduction to the Timeline
      Introduction to Layers
      The Flash Player
      Printing Capabilities
      Sample Questions
      Chapter 2.  Flash Architecture
      Creating New Movies
      Saving Movies
      Download Efficiency
      Sample Questions
    Part 2.  Effective Visual Design and Scripting
      Chapter 3.  Flash Building Blocks
      Vector vs. Bitmap
      The Timeline
      Sample Questions
      Chapter 4.  Using Type
      Creating Text
      Sample Questions
      Chapter 5.  Using Color
      The Color Mixer
      The Color Swatches Panel
      Sample Questions
      Chapter 6.  Tools
      Transform Capabilities
      Drawing Tools
      Painting Tools
      Sample Questions
    Part 3.  Effective Motion Design and ActionScripting
      Chapter 7.  Buttons
      The Four Button Frames
      Creating Buttons
      Using a Button in a Document
      Button Actions
      Enabling, Editing, and Testing Buttons
      Sample Questions
      Chapter 8.  Motion Design
      Importing Graphics and Bitmaps
      Sample Questions
      Chapter 9.  Introduction to ActionScript
      What Is ActionScript?
      Actions Panel
      Sample Questions
      Chapter 10.  Events
      What Is an Event?
      Using Event Handlers
      Programming Events
      Button Events
      Clip Events
      Sample Questions
      Chapter 11.  Variables
      What Is a Variable?
      Scope of a Variable
      Data Types
      Naming Variables
      Loading Variables
      Sample Questions
      Chapter 12.  Functions
      What Is a Function?
      Flash MX Functions
      Using Functions
      Function Literals
      Sample Questions
      Chapter 13.  Objects
      What Is an Object?
      Flash MX Objects
      Naming Objects
      Sample Questions
      Chapter 14.  Methods
      What Is a Method?
      Flash MX Methods
      Naming and Calling Methods
      Sample Questions
    Part 4.  Effective Optimization and Output Design
      Chapter 15.  Sound
      Sound Sampling
      Supported Sound File Formats
      Importing Sound
      Linking Sound
      Sound Object
      Sample Questions
      Chapter 16.  File Size Optimization
      Ways to Optimize Your Flash Movie
      What Should Be Kept to a Minimum and Why
      Identifying Optimization Needs
      Publish Settings
      Sample Questions
    Part 5.  Appendix
      Appendix A.  Answers
      Chapter 1
      Chapter 2
      Chapter 3
      Chapter 4
      Chapter 5
      Chapter 6
      Chapter 7
      Chapter 8
      Chapter 9
      Chapter 10
      Chapter 11
      Chapter 12
      Chapter 13
      Chapter 14
      Chapter 15
      Chapter 16